Update v522.3

New Ship: The Majestic Kraken

  1. The Ship Salesman’s inventory is expanding! His latest offering, the Majestic Kraken, features two rows of Gunports armed with 150% damage Cannons.
  2. Cost: 22,000 Gold, 75 Dried Squid Tentacles.
  3. Weapons: 24 Standard Cannons (150% Damage).
  4. Max Level: 60.
  5. Sail Points: 6.0.
  6. Repair Resource: Patch Kit.


  1. Playing the Accordion in Free Play Mode quickly reduces the torpidity of nearby wild creatures, allowing them to wake up much faster after being tranquilized.
  2. The radius of effect can be increased by unlocking the Inspiring Music skills in the Music and Dance tree.

Armored Docks

  1. Quality Blueprints for Small and Large Armored Docks have been added to loot drops.
  2. These have two stats: Durability (Total Health) and Effectiveness (Damage Resistance).
  3. Decreased stack size from 100 to 1.


  1. Increased the drop rate of Blueprints about double across all sources.
  2. Blueprints for Sails, Cannons, Planks, Decks, and Gunports now have much lower craft counts.
  3. Updated how quality is derived on Cannons.
  4. Quality is determined primarily based on Damage Percent.
  5. Durability contributes to quality at a much lower ratio.
  6. Stat values rolled are unchanged (same values should be generated, but quality of BP may be different).

Glider Suit

  1. Added a Stamina Drain Debuff.
  2. Max Pitch is now limited by stamina. At low stamina the glider can only go down.
  3. Camera Angle has been altered downward.
  4. Bug Fix: Dive functionality via the run button has now been fully removed.


  1. Stone Harvesting nodes in the the remaining regions have been rebalanced to match the Copper Regions changed last patch.
  2. Iron is the most common metal now, and may be found in rocks.
  3. Other metals are no longer found in stone but may still be mined from metal nodes.
  4. Geodes may now drop from rock in all areas. Using a Geode will destroy it and may give some limestone, rock salt, and/or a small amount of different gems and crystals. Geodes may only be gathered by hand or with Tames, not with the Quarry or Farmhouse.
  5. Bug Fix: An icon for the Geode has been added.


  1. Patch Kit repair time reduced from 5 to 3 seconds.
  2. Projectiles fired from Cannons in Gunports no longer explode if they hit the water’s surface immediately after firing.
  3. Enlarged Gunports on the upper level of the Ramming Galley’s front castle to prevent clipping.
  4. Bug Fix: Cannons in Gunports now correctly deal damage when ships are near one another.
  5. Bug Fix: Ship components can be demolished after crossing grids.
  6. Bug Fix: Resolved issue where all of the Ramming Galley’s components were sometimes marked as Demolished.
  7. Bug Fix: Ship wake effects are now positioned correctly for the Ramming Galley.

Tames and Creatures

  1. Added Enable/Disable Breeding option to tame command wheel.
  2. Breeding must be enabled to allow creatures to mate.
  3. Wandering is no longer required for mating.
  4. Following must still be disabled for mating.
  5. Unconscious or dead Horses and Bears can now be dragged.
  6. Bug Fix: A tamed Dolphin’s rider now always receives the Dolphin Intellect buff when jumping.
  7. Bug Fix: Tamed Dolphins are now always able to jump after crossing grids.
  8. Bug Fix: Removed option to move NPCs onto Cargo Saddles.


  1. Increased the Warehouse inventory cap to 120 stacks.
  2. Trades of the same resources may no longer occur (e.g. iron for iron).
  3. Bug Fix: Agate (Flint) added to the Market so it may now be traded.
  4. Bug Fix: Resources tradeable in the Market should all now be able to be placed in the Warehouse.


  1. Tranq Arrow torpor damage increased by 50%.
  2. Sea Fort walls no longer give resources when demolished.
  3. Updated the drop tables of a few sea creatures to give more stuff.
  4. Bug Fix: The Seed Vendor’s inventory is now accessible in Single Player.
  5. Bug Fix: Resolved issue where some Warehouses and Markets would cause crashes.