Update v523.8

New System: Area Claiming

  1. New Tower types have been added to claim land in lawless regions. Claiming gives ownership over an area, preventing any other companies from building there. A new claim also gives ownership over any buildings in its area. Destroying the tower removes the build prevention and allows anyone else to claim the area and its contents.
  2. The claimed area is visible on the map.
  3. Claim Towers may be seen through concealment with the spyglass.
  4. Claim Towers cost Island points, starting at 4 and maxing around 8.
  5. May claim Armored Docks and the ships inside them.

New Structure: Land Claim Tower

  1. This Tower must be placed on land. When first placed, it will start at 10% health, and slowly repairs itself and upon reaching 100% health will lay claim to the surrounding area of land.
  2. Claiming takes about 45 minutes without interference.
  3. Enemies may damage the claim tower while it is building to slow its progress or destroy it.
  4. Players may "repair" the tower for 2% health every 5 seconds (costs 100g).
  5. If a competing tower is built within the radius before this tower is complete, it is immediately destroyed.

New Structure: Water Claim Tower

  1. This Tower must be placed within already-claimed water. It extends the claim radius out to sea to protect your harbors.
  2. Claiming takes about 30 minutes without interference.
  3. May be repaired like the Land Claim Tower.

New Saddle: Seahorse Saddle

  1. The Seahorse Saddle can be crafted in the Tannery after learning the Underwater Taming skill in the Beastmastery tree.
  2. An equipped Seahorse Saddle is now required to ride a Seahorse.
  3. Crafting Resources: 40 Fiber, 75 Hide, 20 Organic Paste.

Majestic Kraken

  1. Cannon damage increased from 150% to 160%.
  2. Starting crew increased from 14 to 22.
  3. Dried Tentacle cost reduced from 75 to 50.
  4. Bug Fix: Deck widened on the middle level of the Majestic Kraken to cover the gap between the outer walls and deck.
  5. Bug Fix: Cosmetic kraken meshes should no longer disappear.

Ramming Galley

  1. Cannon damage increased from 125% to 140%.
  2. Starting crew increased from 14 to 18.
  3. Front Castle, Rear Castle, and Gunport Railings now appear damaged when at low health.
  4. Bug Fix: ’Leaking’ HUD text no longer appears when Gunport Railings are heavily damaged.


  1. A Ship Respec option is now available in the ship stat menu.
  2. Ship Respecs costs 2,500 Gold which is consumed from the player’s inventory.
  3. Ships can be respec’d once every 48 hours.
  4. A ship must be fully anchored in order to respec.
  5. Increased the height of the lowermost deck on the Ramming Galley and Majestic Kraken. This allows taller structures (such as the Food Larder) to be placed.
  6. Rope Ladders and Wall Hooks may now be placed on sails on the Ramming Galley and Majestic Kraken.


  1. Trade preferences of other Markets can now be viewed by selecting the ’View Trade Offers’ option in the settings dropdown for each available Market.
  2. Bug Fix: Markets can no longer be placed on ships.

Tames & Creatures

  1. Increased feeding radius for bola entrapped Elephants.
  2. Crows can now equip hats.
  3. Bug Fix: Heavy Cyclops Helmet is now positioned correctly on Parrots.


  1. NPCs will no longer target Grenades.
  2. Some Blueprint Craft Counts increased at higher quality tiers.
  3. The Single Player map on PC has been updated to include Sea Forts and Ship Salesman Island.
  4. Bug Fix: Army of the Damned Treasure Guards should no longer spawn underneath structures.
  5. Bug Fix: Antidote no longer disappears from the Mortar and Pestle.
  6. Bug Fix: Crossing grids in Single Player should no longer cause the game to crash.
  7. Bug Fix: Resolved issue where properties in GameUserSettings.ini were reverted to their default settings on private servers.