Update v528.11

New Content

Spider Climbing

  1. Spiders can now traverse vertical surfaces!
  2. Climbing will cost the spider Stamina, when depleted the spider will release and fall.
  3. Spiders can move faster as well as jump higher and further than before.

New Modular Ship: Turtle Ship

  1. The Advanced Shipyard’s inventory is expanding! The latest buildable ship, the Turtle Ship, comes affixed with armored plates, armored canopy railings and a dragon figurehead which breathes smoke to conceal your movements during combat.
  2. Cost: 22,000 gold and 150 chitin.
  3. Weapons: 20 standard cannons.
  4. Max Level: 60.
  5. Sail Points: 3.
  6. Repair Resource: Armor Patch Kit / Patch Kit.
  7. The figurehead of the Turtle Ship has the ability to create a smokescreen.
  8. The smokescreen is activated from the steering wheel using Shift+Z (LB+Right D-Pad on Xbox).
  9. Costs 100 coal per smokescreen created (coal must be stored in the figurehead).

New Weapon Type: Mechanic’s Hammer

  1. A new tool introduced that allows the repair and replacement of armor on the turtleship.
  2. Learned through the Advanced Tools skill.
  3. Buildable in the smithy.
  4. Resource Cost: Fiber, Wood, Thatch and Metal.

New Patch Kit Type: Armor Patch Kit

  1. A new type of patch kit used to repair and replace armor on the turtle ship.
  2. Learned through the Advanced Ship Maintenance skill.
  3. Ship must be fully green anchored to replace armor plates.
  4. Buildable in the smithy.
  5. Resource Cost: Fiber, Wood, Thatch, and Metal.

New D├ęcor

  1. New base decorations have been added. Add some plants to your bases with the new wall planter and hanging planter! Unlocked via the Secrets of Building skill in the Construction and Mercantilism skill tree, and constructed in the Smithy under the folder path Structures>>Misc.

Box Planter

  1. Wooden planter box that connects directly to walls.

Hanging Planter

  1. A round planter that hangs of support beams connected to walls.

Buff Tower Updates

  1. Using a unique type of resources as fuel, players can choose a second buff within that category to use.
  2. Each type of buff will be tied to the resource used when activating the buff tower.
  3. All unique resource types will grant the generic buff in addition to their unique buff.
  4. These towers have blueprint variants which increases the effectiveness of the generic buffs given.
  5. Buff Icons for these buffs are shown when on a ship at the top right hand corner of the screen.

Industrial Generator

  1. Uses generic and unique types of coal.
  2. Generic Coal will grant ship Damage Reduction buff as normal.
  3. Sulphur and Peat will grant a buff that increases the reload speed for weapons built on ships.
  4. Graphite and Anthracite will grant a buff that increases the speed at which you repair ships.
  5. Nitre and Lignite will grant a buff which allows the AI controlling weapons on your boat to have greater range.

Army of the Damned Pylon

  1. Uses generic and unique types of Hide/Keratinoid.
  2. Generic hide and keratinoid will grant a ship weapon damage buff.
  3. Scale, Rhino Horn, Chitin and Shell will grant a buff that increases the impact damage of your ship.
  4. Wool, leather, fur and carapace will grant a buff that increases the rate of experience gained for your ship.
  5. Bone, Residue, Pelt, Hair and skin will grant a buff that will reduce the cooldown of feats that impact ship combat(reload overdrive, repair fiend, and rally the troops).

Atlantean Spire

  1. Uses generic and unique types of crystals.
  2. Generic crystal will grant a buff to ship speed.
  3. Amethyst and Herkimer will grant a buff which increases the turning force of your ship.
  4. Calcite and Quartz will grant a buff which decreases the overall weight of a ship (items and structures carried included).
  5. Pearl and Tellurite will grant a buff which decreases the rate at which your boat will sink.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed multiple instances in which character progression was rolled back.
  2. Fixed instances of circumventing company joining cooldown.
  3. Fixed a bug where certain modules could not be painted.
  4. Fixed a bug where cannonballs and mortar shots were not visually exploding.
  5. Fixed a bug with the ballista inventory.
  6. Single Player: Fixed instances in which shipyards and armored docks were disappearing.
  7. Fixed a bug with modular ship sailing physics for smoother visuals while sailing.


  1. Changed puckle tower firing particles to be less garish.
  2. Redux performed on Mortar Ship Appearance.
  3. Redux on multiple resource icons which were duplicate for other resources.