Update v530.05

New Content

New Modular Ship Variant: Broadsider

  1. The Broadsider is the first in a new system of modular ships that is only craftable from blueprints. These blueprints are found in shipwrecked sunken treasure locations around the world, and craftable in the advanced shipyard.
  2. Cost: 22,000 gold and 50 dried tentacle.
  3. Weapons: 40 standard cannons.
  4. Max Level: 50.
  5. Sail Points: 10.
  6. Repair Resource: Patch Kit.

Blueprint Only Modular Ships

  1. Blueprints for ships that are unique.
  2. Found at shipwreck sunken treasure locations.
  3. Quality of the blueprint scales modular points on the ship, which allows for additional customization options.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed areas on the Mortar ship, Kraken and Ramming Galley where paint was not showing properly.
  2. Fixed Instances in which the Paint Spray gun would not cover all regions.
  3. Fixed Position of the Steering Wheel on Mortar Ship.
  4. Fixed instances where Islands could affect nearby seaforts’ peacetime.
  5. Fixed Instances in which Control Points could be selected as Islands to respawn on.
  6. Fixed instances in which company cooldown was being circumvented.


  1. Ship Respec should now be working properly after 48 hour cooldown.