Update v531.92

Halloween Event

  1. Beware Pathfinders! You may come across some spooky gifts during your adventures. Be on the lookout for Jack O’ Lantern’s filled with different items.

New Holiday Item: Jack O’ Lantern

  1. These Jack O’ Lanterns have Halloween-themed gifts inside. You can learn more about the individual items below. These can be found in:
  2. Shipwrecks.
  3. Flotsam.
  4. Ship of the Damned wreckage.

New Holiday Items

Two-Handed Scythe

  1. A new cosmetic weapon type variation of the Two-Handed Mace.

Jack O’ Lantern

  1. A placeable cosmetic Jack O’ Lantern structure.


  1. A placeable cosmetic Headstone structure.


  1. A placeable cosmetic Scarecrow structure.

Candy Corn

  1. Candy corn can be eaten, but it is not very nutritious.

Witch’s Hat for Tames

  1. A new hat available for the following creatures:
  2. Cat.
  3. Crow.
  4. Spider.
  5. Crocodile.
  6. Yeti.
  7. Monkey.

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed a bug where sails were not replaceable on modular ships.
  2. Fixed a visual bug where tentacles were reappearing on the Broadsider.


  1. Increased the drop rate of the Broadsider from shipwrecks.