Update v533.01

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed visual bug where bed icons were unclickable.
  2. Fixed instances where feeding trough could not be crafted.
  3. Fixed instances where tranquilizer arrows could not be crafted.
  4. Fixed instances where interacting with water barrels crashed the game.
  5. Fixed instances where Decay Timers were functioning incorrectly.
  6. Fixed visual bug where map markers were offset incorrectly.
  7. Fixed instances where tigers were not tameable.
  8. Fixed Instances where Tames or NPCs would shift off of ships after traveling via portal or gridding.
  9. Fixed Instances in which one could travel to Rookie Cove while on a boat*.


  1. Fixed Single Player Map to not have Overworld Map Tab.
  2. Changed the ability to learn how to craft steering wheel to the Basics of Sailing skill.
  3. Changed the ability to learn how to craft the storage box under Basics of Building skill.
  4. Carrack should now be correctly buildable from the Advanced Shipyard.
  5. Tiny shipyards were removed from loot pools.
  6. Fixed instances of Merchant Ships going through Islands.
  7. Ferryman NPC at Freeports will take you to the correct islands on interaction.