Update v534.05

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed instances where NPC portals were usable from unintended ranges.
  2. The carrack is now buildable in the Advanced shipyard by default.
  3. Fixed instances where players using a controller could sometimes not select beds.
  4. Fixed instances where ship modules could be incorrectly destroyed.
  5. Fixed instances where the collision of the Cog ship was extended farther than it’s visual representation.
  6. Fixed instances where the Grave Digger harvested Cursed Bone Chips at an incorrect rate.
  7. Fixed instances where Static Power Nodes were able to be destroyed by the player+.
  8. Fixed instances where General tile module was not craftable +.
  9. Fixed instances where the particle effect of the totem monument would activate on render.
  10. Fixed instances where the Sextant buff would not show treasure correctly after transitioning grids.
  11. Fixed instances where the Sextant buff would show incorrect map images on the mini map+.
  12. Fixed instances where multiple Altars would spawn on the same location.
  13. Fixed instances where sailing points for blueprint crafted modular ships would not transfer correct values.
  14. Fixed Instances where resources in the Damned Altar were not producing after server restart.
  15. Fixed instances where water temperature was not correct to the climate+.


  1. Portal Names have been adjusted.
  2. Damaged portals will now show what resources are needed to activate.
  3. Removed duplicate item entries from some skills.
  4. Added mean whale spawns to some areas in the Antarctica and North Pole regions.
  5. Altars no longer require claiming to access, they are available to any Pathfinder.
  6. Removed stone farmhouse from the skill tree.