Update v535.8

New Content

  1. Ahoy Pathfinders! New land masses be appearin’ on the horizon! The harsh climate and lack of water sources will make this area challenging to live on, but shapes of a mysterious building can be made out through thick fog covering part of the island. Monumental achievements await pathfinders seeking to call this Wonderous island home. With these changes comes a new map, a wipe and a new season for Atlas!
  2. Island locations: H9, I9, J9, K9.
  3. High heat ravages the island, be prepared with plenty of water.
  4. Some creatures have higher base levels.
  5. Lawless claim.


  1. Tortuga is a new freeport located outside of Rookie Cove that anyone can visit at anytime from the portals located in Central waters. Buy and shop for seeds, crewmembers and other basics that you need for your adventures.

Tramp Freighter

  1. This new ship is a small and sturdy cargo hauler. It can carry more than other ships of its size and still retain respectable speed. It can not currently be built, but blueprints can be located in flotsam and shipwrecks. Building the Tramp Freighter will be released in the next patch.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed instances of incorrectly picking up insect meat with tames.
  2. Fixed instances of the schooner and raft from disappearing from the small shipyard.
  3. Fixed instances of oxygen not working correctly underwater.
  4. Fixed instances of turning on ships in unintended ways.
  5. Fixed instances of sails being up upon gridding (PvE).
  6. Fixed instances of treasure maps taking you to inaccessible grids.
  7. Fixed instances of shoulder tames not working correctly after bed travel.
  8. Fixed instances of incorrect durability on a medkit.
  9. Fixed instances of the Medkit affecting character models unintentionally.
  10. Fixed instances of spoil times not working correctly.
  11. Fixed instances where resources were generating incorrectly in damned altars.
  12. Fixed Instances where submarines were being stored incorrectly.
  13. Fixed instances where there was unintended underwater visibility range on ships.
  14. Fixed an issue with the zipline sending player in unintended directions.
  15. Modular ship sailing behavior adjusted across the board.
  16. Fixed instances of incorrect resource amounts when replacing modules.
  17. Fixed instances where damned smithy icon was incorrect.
  18. Fixed instances of ships being lost when attempting to border in Central Maw.
  19. Fixed instances of blueprint modular ships losing sails.
  20. Fixed instances of items in players’ hotbars disappearing after bed travel.
  21. Fixed instances of players losing control while repairing modular ships and bordering simultaneously.
  22. Fixed instances of markers not being able to be placed correctly.
  23. Fixed trade path between I1 and E5.
  24. Fixed issues with tax rates changing when owning players are changing servers.
  25. Fixed an issue where the songstone was not placeable.
  26. Fixed an issue where restoring defaults on options would reset multiple menus.
  27. Fixed an issue where a player would be taxed by their own seafort.
  28. Fixed an issue where structures built from the damned smithy had incorrect damage calculations.


  1. Gold cost from building base versions of ships has been removed.
  2. The scaffolding for the Broadsider in the Shipyard is now correct.
  3. The scaffolding for the Cog in the Basic and Advanced shipyard is now correct.
  4. The locations of Transient nodes now correctly change weekly.
  5. The cooldowns for the Repair Fiend and Rally the Troops UI will now display correctly.
  6. Ships of the Damned will now return to their original location upon losing their target.
  7. Treasure Maps no longer have a spoil time.
  8. Emergency Ladder on Cog, Carrack, Harrier, Kraken is working as intended.
  9. Smithy inventory max items increased from 150 to 300.
  10. Gold has been added as a base cost to the shipyards.
  11. Changes made to the skills search bar to be more consistent.
  12. Cosmetic polish to skills for clarity and uniformity.
  13. Loot tables for blueprints in maps have been adjusted to be more in line with other drop sources.
  14. The cooking pot grill and preserving bag can now only store items needed for its use.
  15. Updated multiple item descriptions and names for spelling errors.
  16. Certain Damned Altars will no longer be floating in mid-air.
  17. Fixed instances in which resetting options to default would affect all option instead of the set a player was currently looking at.

Xbox only

  1. Overworld map has been taken out of single player due to visibility issues.
  2. Fixed issues where large islands would crash xbox players.