Update v537.5

New Content

  1. New Regions have been added.

Eastern Waters

  1. Located to the East of Central Waters, and are full of claimable islands. Portals to enter the Eastern Waters are located J2 and I1.

Western Waters

  1. Located to the West of Central Waters, and are full of claimable islands. Portals to enter the Western Waters are located in G1 and F4.

Uncharted Sea

  1. A new sea has been discovered, what mysteries will be uncovered while exploring these waters? There is a storm brewing on the horizon which might make it difficult to live in this region at some point in the future. This region is lawless. Portals to enter the Uncharted Sea are located in E11 and I11.


  1. The Workstation is a new crafting facility that allows players to change 10,000 of a resource into a block or bundle of that resource. You can also turn a block or bundle back into a stack of 10,000 resources.

Resources included

  1. Flint.
  2. Stone.
  3. Coquina.
  4. Granite.
  5. Limestone.
  6. Marble.
  7. Sandstone.
  8. Slate.
  9. Woods.
  10. Cedar.
  11. Cursed Wood.
  12. Fir.
  13. Ironwood.
  14. Oak.
  15. Pine.
  16. Poplar.
  17. New Holiday Items have been added. These items are available from NPC vendors in freeports.

Lunar New Year

  1. Stone Tiger Statue.
  2. Jade Tiger Statue.
  3. Gold Tiger Statue.
  4. Paper Lantern.

Valentine’s Day

  1. Black Giant Teddy Bear.
  2. Pink Giant Teddy Bear.
  3. Red Giant Teddy Bear.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed instances where roof tiles would snap to floating points above ceiling structures.
  2. Fixed instances where the transient tracker did not point at the correct location and updated the item description.
  3. Fixed instances where Cursed Armor would not appear correctly on some female characters.
  4. Fixed instances where General Tile Module were no longer useable.
  5. Fixed instances where Army of the Damned Smithy would delete items.
  6. Fixed instances where items were loss when demolishing a container structure.
  7. Fixed instances of client crash when crew members are created while game language is set to Turkish.
  8. Fixed instances where mounted NPC crew were not taking damage.
  9. Fixed instances where grave digger stopped collecting.
  10. Fixed instances where submarine causes a crash.
  11. Fixed instances where Army of the Damned would not wake up after being knocked out.
  12. Fixed instances where island selector was not working in freeports.
  13. Fixed instances where items were being deleted from the Ritual Pedestal after a server restart.
  14. Fixed instances where placing a Ritual Pedestal would cause a crash in single player.
  15. Fixed instances where Ritual Pedestals would crash the server.
  16. Fixed instances where placing a Ritual Pedestal would decay the structures around it.
  17. Fixed instances where killing an unconscious crew would result in them standing up.
  18. Fixed instances where player was being warped out of the B6 powerstone cave.
  19. Fixed instances of a duplicate Army of the Damned Smithy in the Altar of the Damned craftables.
  20. Fixed instances where items were being deleted from the Altar of the Damned after a server restart.
  21. Fixed instances where items were being deleted from the Cursed Temple after a server restart.
  22. Fixed instances where firing at some angles caused crew members to dismount cannons on the turtle ship.
  23. Fixed instances where item caches from demolished structures only contained 1 max player stack.
  24. Fixed instances of bottles not containing treasure maps in polar regions.
  25. Fixed instances where the incorrect message was displayed when attempting to claim an island that exceeded the available claim points.
  26. Fixed instances where the monument studies structure had no collision.
  27. Fixed instances where islands in G10 and C10 would have incorrect biomes.
  28. Fixed instances where transient nodes could spawn on an island that does not allow building.
  29. Fixed instances where the description of the frameworks for the Cursed Totem and Burial Mound did not accurately show construction time.
  30. Fixed instances of data deletion while grid traveling in PVE.
  31. Fixed instances of the market system behaving incorrectly.
  32. Fixed instances where warehouses would duplicate resources on server restart.
  33. Fixed instances where cursed temples could be built on ships.
  34. Fixed instances where the Monumental Studies Modular Room did not allow players to craft anything.
  35. Fixed instances where cursed armor was not showing up on female character models.
  36. Fixed instances where junk sails would stop functioning after gridding.


  1. Potatoes and Limes can now be stored in the crew silo.
  2. Loom inventory max items increased from 60 to 150.
  3. Spider base and scaling stats have been increased.
  4. Displayed name length is set to 13 characters.
  5. The player is able to replace existing sails without having to demolish them first on legacy ships.
  6. Level up text last for 30 seconds before fading.
  7. Lowered the number of wild creature spawns by 25%.
  8. Resources required to progress through the stages of the Great Temple have been adjusted.
  9. Underwater Black rocks can now be built on.
  10. The effectiveness of sails on multiple modular ships have been adjusted.
  11. Weight sails are now more effective on the turtle and tramp freighter ships.
  12. Loot from the kraken has been slightly adjusted to drop higher quality items and BPs.
  13. Mech Monkey now has slightly higher drop rate.
  14. The names of wood resources have been changed to their original names.
  15. The cog now starts with one medium handling sail and 2 sail points.