Update v543.00

Season 9 Patch

  1. Ahoy pathfinders! The tides of Atlas are shifting again. New exotic locales to explore and dangers to confront have emerged.

New Content

New Mini-Bosses of the Golden Age Ruins

  1. Seven new Mini-Bosses have been added. Each Golden Age Ruin island will now have its own boss to find and fight.

Ancient Fire Elemental

  1. The first fire elemental ever to be created. An unknown, wicked deity possessed inflamed, volcanic rocks. It is rumored that all other fire elementals derive from this one.
  2. Found on the Golden Age Ruin island in A7.

Elder Rock Elemental

  1. A Giant Rock Elemental that has seen the tides of the Atlas shift many times. He has finally arisen from the sulfurous land to destroy pathfinders who trespass on his grounds.
  2. Found on the Golden Age Ruin island in F4.


  1. A Deep Sea crab that invaded the surface long ago. Its docile nature was corrupted by the power stone contained on the island it is found on. Kekada now brutally crushes anything it can fit in its massive claws.
  2. Found on the Golden Age Ruin island in L7.


  1. A cursed Crocodile that is only told about in myths originating from the Philippines. Legend says, those who fall victim to this monster are taken to the world of the spirits.
  2. Found on the Golden Age Ruin island in G8.


  1. The Boar God. Even creatures have deities, and this one smells awful according to Pathfinders who have encountered it. They say it is a big, feral boar with rotting flesh and piercing eyes that roams the forest.
  2. Found on the Golden Age Ruin island in L3.

Crystal Scorpion

  1. Legend of a mysterious scorpion that appears only in darkness that is drawn to dark energies.
  2. Found on the Golden Age Ruin island in M13.

The Sentinel

  1. A cyclops creature tasked with protecting crystal entities. Corrupted by tainted crystals, this creature’s appearance has taken on the visage of the very crystals he guards.
  2. Found in the Golden Age Ruin island in E1.

Maw Waters

  1. A new region has been discovered! A brave, possibly foolish, Pathfinder followed the Ships of the Damned across the waters of Atlas. He returned with tales of a land shrouded in darkness and unnaturally thick fog, with creatures that seem to vanish or appear out of thin air, and eerie green fires. As proof of his findings he brought back a strange crystalline substance, soft to the touch yet somehow solid. His final notes state that any Pathfinder who ventures to these lands should not trust their eyes, as empty stretches of land may have hidden dangers.

New Items

Lantern of the Maw

  1. A special lantern that automatically appears on ships when they enter the Maw Waters region. Interact with the steering wheel to access the lanterns inventory, see current Essence value, and craft Solidified Essence. Fully fill your lantern to leave the Maw Waters region.

How to gather Essence of the Maw and fill your Lantern

  1. There are several activities that will grant your lantern Essence of the Maw. With the exception of the Relic of the Maw all Essence is gathered on the ship the player enters on.

Active Accumulation

  1. Destroy Ships of the Damned - Each ship destroyed will grant 10 Essence.
  2. Destroy other players ships - Each ship destroyed will grant 25 Essence.
  3. Obtain a Relic of the Maw - The Relic of the Maw is found in Flotsom and when consumed on a ship instantly fills that ship’s lantern to full. Grants 100 Essence.

Passive Accumulation

  1. Travel 500 meters, either by sailing, swimming, or walking. Rewards 2-3 Essence.
  2. Survive in the Maw - For every 5 minutes spent inside the Maw Waters 3 Essence is rewarded.

Essence of the Maw

  1. A viscous smoke that can be collected within a special lantern. This item is only acquired in the Maw Waters region, and can not be used outside of the Maw Waters.

Solidified Essence

  1. A semi-soft semi-solid crystal that glows a dim blueish green hue.

Relic of the Maw

  1. An ancient Golden Age Relic, found only in the Maw Waters. Using this Relic will instantly grant 100 Essence of the Maw.

Reworked Map

  1. The World of Atlas has shifted again, new lands have emerged and the known world has been disfigured. Maps all around the Atlas will need to be redrawn with these newly discovered regions.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed instances where babies born in the tame house did not require imprinting.
  2. Fixed instances where the forge would prioritize burning thatch before wood.
  3. Fixed instances where controller disconnect can cause a crash.
  4. Fixed instances where Shipyard scaffolding clipped through the front of the Pegasus.
  5. Fixed instances where tame house debris would have incorrect textures.
  6. Fixed instances where perpetual portals had invisible collisions.
  7. Fixed instances where invisible collisions existed around damaged portal entrances.
  8. Fixed instances where health was not displayed correctly for the Cursed Temple.
  9. Fixed instances where the Harrier had an incorrect description.
  10. Fixed several issues with the Giant Turtle tame.
  11. Fixed instances where the Industrial Smithy had an incorrect description.
  12. Fixed instances where the height and interact volume of the tame house was to high.
  13. Fixed instances where the error messaging when joining an online session was incorrect.
  14. Fixed instances where there was a lack of UI feedback for the Great Temple progression.
  15. Fixed instances where the Pegasus had an incorrect description.
  16. Fixed instances where unanchored ship limit increased when demolishing a ship before it is released.
  17. Fixed instances where orichalcumized walls had incorrect LOD settings.
  18. Fixed instances where Industrial statue framework being mislabeled as burial mound framework.
  19. Fixed instances where Industrial statue framework returned a burial mound framework when picked up.
  20. Fixed instances where the Industrial statue would float in the air when completed.
  21. Fixed instances where there was a storage limitation of the Great Temple progression table.
  22. Fixed instances of baby male tames being able to mate while in the tame house.
  23. Fixed instances where food added to the tame house does not increase spoil time.
  24. Fixed instances where medium weight sails are over-performing.
  25. Fixed instances where medium and small weight sails would not take damage.
  26. Fixed instances where transient node harvesting structures would collect resources from different factions.
  27. Fixed instances where a baby tame would spawn under the ground causing its death.
  28. Fixed instances where the workstation had incorrect crafting recipes.


  1. Timeworn quality has been removed until content and bugs are fixed.
  2. Giant Turtles no longer spawn underwater.
  3. Chromatic Aberration has been removed from underwater post processing.
  4. Increase cost of the tame house.
  5. No longer rounding on ship sail unit values.
  6. Players can no longer store temporary tames in the Pegasus.
  7. Industrial Rifle has been adjusted. Bleed removed, increased damage from 160 to 200 per shot, increased durability loss from 4 to 8 per shot.
  8. Industrial Revolver has been adjusted. Bleed removed, increased damage from 50 to 100 per shot, increased durability loss from 1.5 to 3 per shot.
  9. Tames will be ejected from the Tame House when the - Tame House is destroyed instead of killed.
  10. The time it takes a modular ship to sink after it starts leaking has been increased.
  11. The resource costs for crafting patch kits and armor patch kits has been reduced by 50%.
  12. Modular ships have had their base weights adjusted.
  13. Server restarts have been set to automatically happen at 10:30 PST daily, including weekends.
  14. Scuttle and Unclaim options for ships have been changed to be locked behind company rank, similar to how structure access is. Interact with the steering wheel to set the minimum rank that can scuttle or unclaim.

Xbox Only

  1. Improved memory performance.
  2. Improved network connection.

Industrial Wonder Content

  1. Due to the feedback we received surrounding the Industrial Wonder, we have decided to cut it from this patch so that we have adequate time to redesign and adjust.