Update v15.61

Server Changes

  1. Server optimisations to increase performance by approximately 5%.
  2. Optimized transition data cleanup in Redis to avoid DB bloat.
  3. Server Listing for non-ATLAS servers has been rewritten and will list non-ATLAS servers immediately.

Fountain of Youth and Aging Changes

  1. Fountain of Youth is only usable if you’re over age 90.
  2. Fountain of Youth is now available on two random Golden Age Servers.
  3. Old Age debuff has been reduced by 50%.

Bug and Exploit Fixes

  1. Fixed a bug which made it so that beds and boats would not display on the map if they weren’t in a company.
  2. Fixed a bug with the Drake which allowed it to phase through structures.
  3. Fixed a bug which allowed players to have more beds on their boat than permitted, this is a retroactive fix.

Balance Changes


  1. Increasing explosive damage to stone structures by 2.5x.
  2. Increasing seige structure damage to stone structures by 60%.
  3. Wood Land Structure has been buffed to provide better resistance to siege weapon types by 40%.
  4. Wood Land Structures have been buffed to provide better defence against all non-explosive/siege damage types by 50%.
  5. Stone Structures crafting costs have been increased by adding metal cost, and changing fiber requirement to organic paste, which requires both fiber and sap to craft.
  6. Thatch Structures have had their crafting costs reduced by 3x.
  7. NPCs mounted on Puckles are now invincible.


  1. Ships can only receive damage from collision encounters with other ships if they’re of the same or a greater weight class (deals with cheesy cheap ramshackle builds to sink bigger boats).
  2. Galleon - Weight class 5.
  3. Brig - Weight class 4.
  4. Schooner - Weight class 3.
  5. Sloop (Ramshackle) - Weight class 2.
  6. Raft - Weight class 1.
  7. Dingy - Weight class 0.


  1. Drake balances adjustments (10% less HP, 10% less damage, and double stamina cost for using fire breath).
  2. Magical tames can no longer be used in boss fights and will be destroyed when used inside the dome (Drakes).

Misc Changes

  1. BattlEye has been updated to now support Windows Insider Builds.
  2. Resolved multiple Devkit crashes.
  3. Updated latest translations: German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Ukranian, and Chinese.
  4. Discovery Zones now count as 3 Discovery Points instead of 1. Players no longer need to discover all zones to reach max level. Not a retroactive change. This value can be adjusted for Unofficial Servers here:
  5. Game.ini:
  6. [/script/shootergame.shootergamemode].
  7. MinPointsPerDiscoveryZone=3.
  8. MinPointsPerDiscoveryZone=3.