Update October 17, 2021


  1. Fixed an issue that would lead to blown engines and seemingly random pit lane speeding penalties when using real weather and a time/date close to the edge of the available range of dates.


  1. Minor tire tread adjustments to F-V10 Gen 1, F-Classic Gen1 & Gen3.
  2. Further minor crankshaft mass adjustments.
  3. BMW 2002 Turbo: Minor differential adjustments.
  4. F-Classic Gen1: Slightly increased default preload, slightly adjusted diffuser center of pressure, increased default turbo boost from 60 to 80%.


  1. Fixed an issue that could lead to AI unnecessarily lifting in straights with shallow curves when track is wet or tyres are worn.
  2. Fixed an issue that could lead to AI having different potential ability depending on if a session started wet or dry.
  3. F-Classic (all gens): AI callibration pass.


  1. BMW 2002 Turbo: Further general updates.


  1. Velocitta: Updated track to latest references (including revised T2 run-off & green-painted curb extensions).


  1. Corvette C3: Fixed wiper cleaning issue.