Update September 4, 2021


  1. Fixed refueling option of pit strategy applying incorrectly in non-race sessions when refueling is disabled.


  1. Fixed mis-aligned help texts on Event race settings page.
  2. Added translations for recently added options.
  3. Fixed car HUD damage text defaulting to 100% when damage is disabled.


  1. Minor tire tread adjustments to GT Classics cars.
  2. Corvette C3 R: Small adjustment to front and rear track width; Fixed clutch slipping in some circunstances.
  3. Minor adjustment to AI lateral movement rate.
  4. Fixed an issue where AI would qualify with too much fuel on board when refueling is disabled.
  5. Fixed an issue where AI would add too much fuel in the second stint of practice/qualifying.


  1. Mini Vintage: Fixed chase cam view having discrete front / rear sound in live play.
  2. BMW M1 & Group A: Corrected surface sounds.
  3. Corvette C3 Vintage: Minor adjustment to high RPM interior mix.


  1. Added or adjusted pit entry & exit cones for all tracks.
  2. Interlagos: Further Z-fight fixes on GP temp stands.


  1. Corvette C3 & C3 R: Tweaked the damage model; Adjusted the bonnet vibration effect in cockpit view; Adjusted driver position on cockpit view.
  2. Camaro SS: Cockpit view bonnet vibration effect adjustment.
  3. MCR2000: Added driver animations; Detached the gear shifter in the cockpit; Added under the bonnet bits in cockpit view; Added damage models; Added dangling damaged parts.
  4. Lotus 23: Fixed the graphic artifacts.
  5. Corrected Bridgstone Potenza 01 tire normal map texture.