Update October 6, 2021


  1. Updated recent Real Weather data.


  1. Fixed tire temperature status widget not updating on some in-game screens.
  2. Fixed last session status being displayed on pre race leaderboard.
  3. Fixed championship round editor incorrectly altering session start hours when propagating race date changes.
  4. Fixed center column of drivetrain tab unelectable on setup editor.
  5. Fixed practice weather slot4 of in game session settings block referencing qualifying slot4.


  1. Minor tire tread adjustment for F-Vintages.
  2. Minor brake torque adjustment for all GT & Prototypes.
  3. AI callibration pass for F-V12, F-Vintage G1.
  4. Adjusted AI brake power & grip.
  5. Adjusted AI Grip multipliers for Monza 1991 & Modern.
  6. Adjusted AI to start passing routines sooner.
  7. Slightly increased parameter to reducing AI propensity to cut corner to avoid a crash.


  1. Monza 2021 GP: Slight increased width of green runoff at Lesmos 1 and 2.
  2. Monza 1971: Increased road noise on banked oval first draft; Optimized terrain shadows, new shadow dummy for banked track structures Increased grid spacing.
  3. General art updates to all Monza versions.