Update October 13, 2021

  1. Monza: Updated reverb zones.
  2. Fixed minor LOD issues at Kansai & Donington Park.
  3. BMW 2002: Updated sounds; Fixed player car chase cam broken sounds; Fixed cockpit wiper animation; Fixed license plate glow; Added livery overrides.
  4. Stock cruze 2021: Updated livery & menu previews.

Update #2

  1. Further minor tire tread adjustments to GT5, G40 Cup, BMW Procar, Group A, Group C, F-Classic Gen1 & Gen2, Mini JCW, Street cars.
  2. Further crankshaft mass adjustments to GT5, G40, F-Classic Gen2 & Gen3.
  3. F-Classic AI callibration pass.
  4. BMW 2002: AI wet callibration, FFB max force adjustment.
  5. AI adjustments: passing routines start slightly sooner, slightly reduced passing boost & increased drop when conceding.
  6. BMW 2002: Fixed red bonnet issue.