Update May 28, 2019

Fixes and tweaks

  1. Fixed a small ending-related visual bug if the grid is enabled.
  2. Fixed a rather severe oversight where certain rules were adding events to the undo buffer in the wrong order, causing errors.
  3. Added an additional check for situations where the player would’ve cleared an area but due to e.g. level repositioning between versions they didn’t get the flower for it.
  4. Fixed a bug where floating Baba and a weak Wall would have a mystery interaction.
  5. In certain cases where the game would freeze, it displays a special effect instead (this’ll be expanded on and it might not appear in the game at the moment).
  6. Large underlying code reworking related to conditionals, not relevant in the game right now but it’s work for the future.
  7. Related to the above, conditionals with parameters behave in an equivalent way whether the condition has a Not or not.
  8. Fixed the word Facing not accepting directional words.
  9. Related to above, made Empty Is work mostly as intended.
  10. Fixed "Empty Is X" particle effects appearing everywhere even if Empty had a conditional word.

Level adjustments

  1. Whoops (a very small change; level found in ???).
  2. Collaborative effort (removed an unintended approach, found in Meta I’m pretty sure?).
  3. Acrobatics (one of the changes listed above broke the level, found in Meta).
  4. Tectonic Movements (fixed a small readability issue, found in ).
  5. Seeking Acceptance (made the level more symmetric, purely a visual thing, found in Mountaintop).
  6. Heavy Cloud (this might actually be a large change, found in Space).
  7. Keke And The Star (fixed an unintended solution, found in Chasm).
  8. The Heist (removed red herrings, found in Cavern).
  9. Gallery (this’ll need more work, but made the limits of the level clearer, found in Center).
  10. Backstage (fixed a fairly tiny alternative solution, found in Cavern).
  11. Maritime Adventures (removed an unnecessary element, found in Garden).

For modders

  1. I will start working on features relating to making the game ready for the level editor such as adjusting the data structuring; these changes will almost inevitably break mods. I’ll try to list in these patch notes changes that I think might be like this. My apologies in advance.
  2. More modder-specific patchnotes will be entirely spoilered, so behold:
  3. "Not On Keke And Baba" now requires the object not to be on both at the same time instead of either one to make the functionality equivalent to "On"; all conditionals with parameters work now the same way.
  4. The "operatortype" -value has been removed from values.lua; it made the system needlessly more complicated. If you want to change objects to conditionals, use the ’type’ value. If you want a conditional with parameters to allow other parameters than objects, edit the level file and add changes "argtype" and "argextra".