Update March 18, 2019

Bugfixes and tweaks

  1. Moved "Return to map" one more step upwards in the pause menu.
  2. Fixed "Disable zoom" saying "Zoom mode" in settings.
  3. Fixed a bug related to the word Tele.
  4. Fixed an infinite loop in Chasm (one remains).
  5. Fixed the ability to get multiple orbs in one level.
  6. Fixed several achievements not working.
  7. Fixed the game showing gamepad hints when gamepad is connected but player is playing using the keyboard.
  8. Made the crash in "Love is out there" harder to get - it’s still there so this needs more work.

Level adjustments in at least these levels

  1. Prison (now divided into two levels).
  2. Further fields (promoted into an extra level).
  3. A way out?.
  4. Got all this stuff here.
  5. Meteor rain.
  6. Stardrop.
  7. Queue.
  8. Alley.
  9. Endless corridor.
  10. Bottleneck (now divided into two levels).
  11. The pit.
  12. Catch the thief!.