Update August 1, 2019

Fixes & tweaks

  1. Fixed the game storing sub-second frame timing data improperly; not very important but I guess the game tracks your playtime more accurately now.
  2. Fixed a graphical glitch in an ending-related thing.
  3. Fixed a case where the borders of the levels were considered Empty.
  4. A lot of underlying work for translations.
  5. Fixed a rare bug relating to an endgame conditional word.

Adjusted levels

  1. Meteor Strike (found in ABC, an unintended solution).
  2. Triplets (found in Meta, a large unintended solution).
  3. Rocky Road (found in Forest of Fall, changed Foliage to Rocks to keep the name sensible).
  4. Hidden Path (found in Meta, covered some words with red herring-like potential).
  5. Out At Sea (found in Garden, added water that I had removed during development for the name to make some sense).