Update November 16, 2019


  1. Languages! The game now supports 13 languages, with more coming later. Note that the translations only affect the UI and menus; the graphics are English-only. We tried hard to look into localizing it all but it would’ve been too massive of an undertaking.
  2. You can now see the version ID in the bottom-left corner of the main menu! Relatedly, I moved away from the two-letter version naming scheme because it could’ve been confusing.

Fixes & Tweaks

  1. You can now disable gamepad detection entirely in the settings -> control settings menu. This is because some players had the game detect non-gamepad devices and such and because certain gamepads’ input was erroneously interpreted.
  2. The game will get an official level editor in 2020! I’ll make a flashier announcement about that in a bit. Anyway, there have been some underlying changes in preparation for that. More about this in the "For modders" section.

Level adjustments

  1. Tunnel (located in Volcanic cavern; the level didn’t utilize the intended mechanic).

For modders

  1. As noted previously, this update will break the in-game editor. It’ll also break the in-game "custom levels" -menu, although I’ll try to fix that quickly with upcoming patches. If you wish to use the old in-game editor, right click the game on Steam, go properties -> betas and select the branch "old-editor".