Update March 27, 2019


  1. Fixed a lua error in A Way Out?
  2. There’s a new zoom mode - stretch!
  3. Fixed the ABABA bug.
  4. Fixed a bug where the sound crackles when fading.
  5. Fixed the general sound snap bug.
  6. Fixed the bug where alt-tabbing reduces performance greatly.
  7. Fixed an infinite loop related to "Word".
  8. Alleviated the issue with multiple Push objects in a row. Still ways to go with that, though.

Level adjustments

  1. Two new levels! One is in the Lake area, one is hidden.
  2. Coronation promoted to an extra level.
  3. Levels shuffled around in Cavern a bit.
  4. Eye of a Needle removed (sorry about that).

At least these levels have been tweaked

  1. Endless Corridor.
  2. Meta.
  3. Tunnel.
  4. Overgrowth.
  5. A Way Out?
  6. Elusive Condition.
  7. Condition.
  8. The End.
  9. Passing Through.
  10. Coronation.
  11. Metacognition.
  12. Adventure.

Update #2

  1. Fixed an infinite loop related to "Pull".
  2. Fixed the settings menu being wonky (hopefully).
  3. Adjusted the level "Research Facility". It might migrate to a later area in the next patch, though.

Update #3

  1. Fixed the Settings menu issue, for real this time.
  2. Moved Research Facility to Solitary Isle.
  3. Adjusted Meteor Strike.
  4. Adjusted A Way Out?

Update #4

  1. The recent Pull bugfix broke another thing, should be good now.
  2. Hopefully fixed a problem with Float.