Update December 30, 2021

Version 450

  1. New level in Familiar Lands!
  2. Fixed various Write & Is -related interaction bugs.
  3. Fixed | not showing in the hand-drawn font.
  4. Added Write properly into the editor.
  5. Fixed the F4 commands being able to detect words redacted from the object list.
  6. Fixed a small visual glitch in the main game.
  7. Modding: added MF_buttonclicked(name) - returns true if a GUI button is clicked.
  8. Modding: added buttonclicked(name) - when a GUI button is clicked, the game can run custom functions if there’s an entry for the button in the table buttonclick_list (found in modsupport.lua).

Levels adjusted

  1. Skull Pile.
  2. Parakeet Bouncer.
  3. Forage.