Update February 19, 2021

  1. New enemy spawn position system.
  2. Unlimited days option removed. We will adjust all game balance around fixed amount of days but you will be able to play in creative mode with sandbox update!
  3. Added levels for enemy units.
  4. Player units stuck fix.
  5. Enemy units stuck on spawn fix.
  6. Siege workshop worker fix.
  7. Siege ghost fix.
  8. Workers at night assignment fix.
  9. Special resource not disappearing fix.
  10. Save at night removed (it was not suppose to work at night).
  11. Walls direction save fix.
  12. 2 side wall save fix.
  13. Gates weird rotation fixed.
  14. Building rotation circle sometimes not disappearing fixed.
  15. And a lot more minor bugs!
  16. At this moment siege towers and ladder sapawn rule is a bit broken, it will be fixed with next patch!