Update July 12, 2021

  1. Increased stat bonuses granted by ship components, weapons, boots, armor and pouches.
  2. Halved the health and damage increase for enemies who are more powerful than the player.
  3. Repeated island invasions happen less frequently.
  4. The Crash boss doesn’t one shot the player with its projectiles anymore.
  5. Updated localization.
  6. Added new merchants to Turtletown who sell seeds and livestock. Also, you can now buy most of the resources for capsules in the Turtletown market.
  7. Nerfed the fishing minigame difficulty.
  8. Airborne Swarm enemies now drop ship energy.
  9. Ground Swarm enemies now drop ammo and medkits.
  10. Capsule speed doubled.
  11. Fixed the disappearing enemies issue.
  12. Fixed the issue where the window would switch upon moving the mouse cursor to the second screen.