Update July 15, 2021

  1. Luma the Moth doesn’t steal mod boxes anymore.
  2. If the ship hold is full, Luma puts a crate next to your ship.
  3. Fixed quest mod boxes clearing contents of all subsequently opened mod boxes.
  4. Discord invitation now appears only upon exiting the game for the first time.
  5. Added autosave upon exiting the game.
  6. Added manual save option in the pause menu.
  7. Decreased the recurrent island invasion frequency.
  8. Eva is now invincible during gate opening and lighthouse sequences.
  9. Fixed AI issues: enemies with dead AI, enemies that were getting stuck in the reload animation.
  10. Mouse cursor doesn’t go beyond the main screen anymore if the player has two or more screens.
  11. Fixed an error in which the fuel tank fill up tip would pop up even if the player wasn’t holding a canister.
  12. Fixed an error in which the message about the lack of resources wouldn’t pop up even when the player was out of required resources.
  13. Fixed an error in which the "Take the Helm" tip would pop up even if the player’s hands were full.
  14. Fixed an error in which the Turtletown liberation icon would appear without the civilian population information.
  15. Updated localization.
  16. Special mod effects are now removed when a weapon that grants a certain effect is holstered.
  17. Removed the gate before the Grizzly Caverns mini-boss.
  18. Balanced the Grizzly Caverns mini-boss.
  19. Fixed citizens spawning prematurely in Crab Skeet.
  20. Fixed disappearing enemies in Iron Burgeon.
  21. The unreachable Copper Ore liberation reward in the northern part of the Big Water Island made reachable.
  22. Fixed reloading.
  23. Fixed the shipyard.
  24. Indoor carpet layers updated.
  25. You can now purchase Scrap Metal, Gears, Parts and Plates in a shop in Turtletown.
  26. Increased Scrap Metal, Parts and Coal drop chance.
  27. Fixed Tools not spawning during the "Repairing the shelter" quest. Two tool boxes may now appear in the inventory.
  28. Added a nest interaction dialogue to read while the player is unable to summon the bird.
  29. Added a dialogue to the first rubble interaction in the "Save the Mines" quest.
  30. Fixed the arrows pointing at the rubbles that can be removed with dynamite during the "Save the Mines" quest.
  31. Increased acceleration and deceleration parameters for all propellers.
  32. Fixed the ship component window freezing after a new ship purchase.
  33. Changed the load point for the Elephant to prevent it from bumping into the Fathership.