Update July 21, 2021

  1. Fixed an issue with switching between store tabs using a gamepad.
  2. Improved stability of the island defense cutscene.
  3. Increased chance of Broot spawning in South Aspia.
  4. Increased chance of Big Scarab spawning in West Aspia.
  5. Increased weapon swap speed.
  6. Pistols now have infinite ammo.
  7. Pistol DPS (damage per second) has been reduced.
  8. Improved the quality of world loading after saving the game while sleeping.
  9. Fixed the quest conditions counting system.
  10. Repair kits and ship ammo are put directly into the hold when purchased on the Fathership.
  11. Enemies from tents will now spawn at random locations.
  12. Fixed the airborne enemies behavior (Traxes, Jetpackers, Hoverers) - now they don’t break when the player jumps to the ground and leaves the zone of visibility of these enemies.
  13. Removed enemies from non-quest tents spawning infinitely.
  14. Enlarged passages that were harder to get through using bigger ships.
  15. Fixed map navigation using reassigned keys.
  16. Added the ability to reassign hotkeys for Map, Diary and Equipment.
  17. Fixed an issue where flying enemies sometimes flew to the origin of coordinates when attacking an island.
  18. Some buildings now require less resources to construct.
  19. Special mods sold in the Armory now require fewer resources to create.
  20. The cost of mod boxes sold by merchants has been increased.
  21. Fishing difficulty has been lowered.
  22. Fishing minigame controls have been changed: you now use 1, 2, 3, 4 instead of WASD. Please, reset the controls to default.
  23. Increased the radius for starting the fishing minigame.
  24. Farm animals now spawn in predefined locations.
  25. The description of the quest where you have to create an anti-Swarm weapon has been made clearer.
  26. Boss fights can now be restarted if the player accidentally exited and saved the game.
  27. Reduced the difficulty of the final boss.
  28. Added a hint for using the shipyard during a mission where the player needs to dock.
  29. Removed the stump in the Crash boss fight arena which was dropping 1000 capsules.
  30. Removed a twitching stone in a cave on one of the islands.
  31. Fixed the next target marker disappearing when opening the hint window immediately after closing the tablet.
  32. The chance of coal drops from asteroids has been doubled.