Update August 9, 2020


  1. Fix: linking to glibc 2.2.5 on Linux (instead of glibc 2.27).
  2. Fix: the prehensile tentacle is no longer able to keep grabbing switches through walls.
  3. Fix: the prehensile tentacle is now unable to keep grabbing objects while traversing through background doors.
  4. Fix: more windowy windows.
  5. Fix: KO translation for "Deposit biomass".
  6. Fix: crash caused by some controls being bound to "None".
  7. Enhancement: power nodes cannot be grabbed while they are inactive/charging.

Level Design

  1. Fix: First Flashback Sequence softlock.
  2. Fix: Frontier - Highlands minor geometry bug.
  3. Fix: missing ladder pieces added in Bunker.
  4. Fix Leviathan Reef Base - Bridge Arachnoptysis puzzle skip*.
  5. Fix: Leviathan Reef Base - Bridge Parasitism puzzle softlock*.
  6. Fix: Relith Science HQ Parasitism puzzle softlock*.
  7. Fix: a rare bug that prevented backtracking through Botanical Gardens*.
  8. Enhancement: a smoother introduction to rivets in Nuclear Power Plant*.
  9. Enhancement: power nodes remain inactive before obtaining the Photokinesis skill*.

Custom Level Creation

  1. Enhancement: it’s now possible to load a level on startup with the following command line argument: carrion -level level_name.
  2. Enhancement: the "editor" mode (edit_level level_name) hot-reloads the level upon detecting any change in the level/script file.
  3. Enhancement: the console hotkey can be rebound in the config file.
  4. Enhancement: the .png version of the "tiles" texture is shipped alongside the game.