Update May 27, 2021

Major changes

  1. Saves. You can now have multiple saves in one slot! And the number of save slots has been increased to 6.
  2. Customizable difficulties. You can now choose the difficulty in Sandbox (Easy, Normal or Hard). Selected difficulty affects the plants growth: hard has zero-efficiency zones and has no saves. More details in-game.
  3. Flexible Goods Delivery. You can now customize how much goods your Lieutenants will transport, and you can also set them to continuous delivery as it was before.
  4. Defeat the enforcers to freeze their star for 30 days.

Other updates & changes

  1. Added a special TBC screen after the last quest in story mode to avoid the confusion (the finale of the story is coming in June update!).
  2. Smuggling points now have their own upkeeps - they aren’t depleted any more.
  3. Added "Controlling City" state for lieutenants.
  4. Building upkeep is now taken once per day, not twice.


  1. Mayours lend less money, but for a longer period of time (30k for 2 months now).
  2. Increased prices for some goods.
  3. Increased the capacity of Villages and Area Depos.
  4. Now the majority of lieuts start from Novato level (except lieuts with Deal ability).

Bug Fix

  1. Fixed: terror marker would not disappear sometimes.
  2. Truckman ability fix (now it works in Area Depot).
  3. Disabled turning off Hotel And Research center from buildings list.
  4. Fixed Chinese font for legal money indicator.
  5. Localization fixes.
  6. Chemical plant shows correct efficiency now.
  7. Double check Mayor quest state to prevent any death lock situations.
  8. Fix Harvest Interval ability not working in some cases.
  9. Fixed buildings on fire notifications.
  10. Fixed wrong information in money loss event.
  11. Cartel customization window layout fix (no more "jumping" buttons).
  12. Removed values from loyalty events in loyalty buildings.
  13. Lieutenant quest now disappears after his death.
  14. Fixed residence influence radius issues.
  15. Fixed some texts overlapping issues.


  1. Update visuals for the Hotel.
  2. Farms and Plantations animations fix.
  3. Fixed Aircraft: Lights not being displayed when the aircraft is in sight.
  4. Fixed building Construction Animation.
  5. Borders will not cover buildings any more.