Update June 23, 2021

Major changes

  1. Four new unique Residences with special abilities. Paranoid, Party, Pretentious and Modern Residences have been added. Complete special challenges to unlock them!
  2. Survival Mode. No manual saves, a couple of dollars in your pocket, lots of enemies and imminent death on the horizon - a pure hardcore permadeath experience.
  3. Advanced settings for Sandbox Mode. Set things like starting money, authority aggression, starting research and more the way you want from the start and experience the game the way you want it to be played! Other players will be able to try out your customized settings - you can share your settings with your friend by copying hash from the menu.
  4. Global progression. Complete various challenges to unlock Bosses, Cartel Emblems, starting Regions and new Residence types.

Other updates & changes

  1. Added Turkish language support!
  2. Added new Cartel Emblems.
  3. Updated the tutorial to include more useful quests and highlights.
  4. Added tooltips for Game Modes’ descriptions.
  5. Updated the sound of completed building construction.
  6. Removed the "Reign Over" screen after the death of your Boss (so it is more clear that dead boss is not a game over).


  1. Lieutenants now earn experience at a slower rate.
  2. You can build 7 regular residences.
  3. Some lieutenant abilities have been tweaked.
  4. Updated the list of lieutenants available for hiring.
  5. Regions are now lost after the Capos’ death only in Hard mode (you get to keep them in Easy and Medium).

Bug Fixes

  1. Some abilities’ names have been updated in all languages.
  2. Fixed "Game Over" screen not being displayed sometimes when it should.
  3. Fixed an issue with buildings becoming invisible during the construction phase.
  4. Fixed production time visual issues.
  5. Removed crash issue on some old saves loading.
  6. Fixed some text issues.


  1. Updated visuals for global map: dust, tree leaves, seagulls vfx.
  2. Fixed visuals for zones of some buildings.
  3. Fixed smoke issues.