Update July 1, 2021

Bug Fix

  1. Fixed a bug with Sandbox Mode settings having an impact on settings in the Story Mode.
  2. Fixed a bug with Tony Quintero being available for hire when he’s a Capo (no more twins).
  3. Fixed a bug in Story Mode quest "Opportunity Knocks II" - your progress won’t reset any more.
  4. Fixed a bug with game freezing while changing the upkeep method in the list of buildings.
  5. Fixed a bug with technical symbols showing up in mission details for the "Contact the Mayor" quest in Survival Mode.


  1. Dealer ability now gives +5% to the price of Opium, Meth, Cocaine, and Dry Cannabis.
  2. Cocaine Dealer, Dry Cannabis Dealer, Opium Dealer abilities now give +10% to the price of each product.
  3. Meth Dealer ability is now in the game. It gives +10% to the price of Meth.