Update August 23, 2021

New Chapter in Story Mode

  1. Introducing new characters, storylines, and a finale that will grant you awesome prizes to unlock! A massive update for story mode with at least 8 hours of new content and with high replayability.

Two new residences

  1. Collectors Residence allows players to upgrade their lieutenant’s cars. Castle Residence gives Capo a helicopter. It moves without the need for any roads.

Logistics system update

  1. Warehouse and Workshop got an overhaul, Cargo filters added, Transportation Company introduced.

The New building - River Pier

  1. Capture and upgrade Piers around the Cartel Tycoon Map and transport your goods in a new way! Piers can be upgraded through Global Unlocks.

Supply and demand for goods

  1. Now, your playstyle will affect the prices of illegal goods on the market!

Full tutorial

  1. Complete the tutorial to understand the basics of Cartel Tycoon!

Other updates & changes

  1. Lieutenants allegiance goes down if you select Capo with low rang.
  2. Added more visual feedback on lieutenant’s allegiance changes.
  3. Displaying sorrowful bubbles over the characters after the death of boss.
  4. Allow to turn off building markers entirely.
  5. Upgrades of buildings take some time.
  6. Buildings now are constructing in order one by one.
  7. Automatically opens upkeep dialog after a character asks you about some salary rising in regular dialogue.
  8. Removed one Seaport and replaced it with a River Pier.
  9. Improved dialogs system.
  10. Added more info on upgrade button of Sailing buildings.
  11. Updated system of sharing money in some cases (journalists and mayours bribes).
  12. Updated the game Main menu. Added links on the roadmap and current changes.
  13. Renamed "Destinations" to "Connections.".
  14. View changing of production speed in info panel of Workshops (upgrade and research UI).
  15. Added reason text to an allegiance of changing events.
  16. The reason for Allegiance changing is now shown in events details.
  17. Fixed map collision texture.
  18. Mouse move automatically on delivery resource selection.
  19. Added lieutenants rank tooltips in the "Start New Game" menu.
  20. In transporting UI cursor automatically jumps to selectable values (will keep improving).
  21. Added personal lieutenants quest.
  22. Added some informed text for roads types.
  23. You can use Hotels to transport money to the City warehouse during the second campaign is Story Mode.


  1. Completely turn off holding of some Selling buildings.
  2. Reduced the spread in the cost of capturing cities.
  3. Reduced fees on transport via enemy and neutral cities.
  4. Updated Survival mode numbers after huge balance update.
  5. Removed Additional connections for Warehouses.
  6. Slowed down Workshop production.
  7. Removed Workshop logistic functions.
  8. Updated Warehouses working radius for each tier.
  9. Warehouses, Labs, and Dryers cost less for building and maintenance.
  10. Updated some quests and made them easier or faster.
  11. Reduced Illegal goods cities transit terror (slow growth).
  12. Seaports transport fewer goods (but you can always start to use both slots).
  13. Checkpoints deliver time longer (12 sec -> 40 sec).
  14. Lieutenants allegiance goes down on max exp level once a week but on bigger value.
  15. Set to all unique residences truck size to L.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed highlighting characters in dialog windows.
  2. Fixed some visual bugs of Farms and Plantations.
  3. Fixed Radius and truck numbers of some residences.
  4. Fixed dialogs scroll issues.
  5. Made Meth visual as Illegal goods (as it should be).
  6. Fixed Z\X hotkeys not working sometimes.
  7. Save slot of Survival mode would not delete Iron man icon after slot deletion.
  8. Fixed random character not being selected for story dialogues.
  9. Dialogs now always put the game on pause.
  10. Fixed economics UI dates.
  11. Fixed some issues with current lieutenant status.
  12. Fixed a bug when a player can not destroy Residence in Story mode.
  13. Fixed a lot of minor text issues.
  14. Fixed a bug with mouth cursor jumping while choosing the goods for transportation.


  1. Added new animated headers for the story mode chapters.
  2. Added a new model of helicopters to the game.
  3. Added some new car models.
  4. Main Menu visual update.
  5. Fixed visual bugs with parts of removed buildings not disappearing.
  6. Fixed enemy Hotel building visual.