Update October 13, 2021


  1. The price for upgrading the overall level of your Research Tree Tier has been lowered by half (for all Tiers).
  2. Added more time between Quest-Events triggering (+2 days).

Bug Fixes

  1. Game no longer crashes when you cancel the construction of Plantation III.
  2. Fixed: Players could Demolish River Piers through Construction Menu.
  3. Quest-Event "Sell Opium" displayed the price of Opium incorrectly in Survival Mode.
  4. Fixed Price of Opium not rising after failing a Quest-Event.
  5. Incorrect lighting on Special Buildings (Prison, Military Base) when constructing a Residence.
  6. The reason for the Allegiance change wasn’t displayed in the Event Log after a Quest-Event.
  7. Lietenants’ names no longer collide with Allegiance in Recruitment Menu.
  8. Fixed: Wrong values in the description for Upkeep Price reduction ability for Plantation II.
  9. A spelling mistake in Ability "Access to Transportation Company I" [EN].
  10. A spelling mistake in the menu of "Charity Organization" [EN].
  11. Localization: Mistakes with incorrect descriptions for buildings.
  12. Diana, Lyova and Juan are considered lieutenants in the Quest-Event "Industrial action.".
  13. Information about terms and amounts of money is duplicated in laundering buildings.
  14. Technical texts in "That Sinking Feeling" dialogues [DE].
  15. Incorrect notification is displayed at the start of the Sandbox Mode game.
  16. Inaccurate description of Modern Residence ability and effect marker on buildings.
  17. Fixed lighting effect when River Piers are full.
  18. Tips in Needs and Fears were actualized for River Piers.
  19. The word "Dryer" was missing from the construction menu [IT].
  20. Quest-Event with building a Research Center can appear multiple times.
  21. The color of all icons in objectives has been made the same.
  22. Fixed: Incorrect "Laundering Manager" and "Sole Proprietorship" Ability Markers were displayed on the Laundering buildings the Lieutenant affected.
  23. The Allegiance of Diana, Lyova, and Juan wasn’t changing due to Quest-Events outcomes.

Other updates & changes

  1. City Buildings that boost Loyalty will now display how much the player has spent on Loyalty Events and how many times Loyalty Events took place.