Update April 2, 2021

Updates & Changes

  1. Previously buildings have had only On and Off states - now they also have Pause. Paused buildings don’t function normally. Buildings are set on Pause when they don’t have dirty money for upkeep, and they automatically automatically resume their work when money is delivered (while On and Off states can be toggled only by player himself).
  2. The links between buildings have been improved, Pause and Turn off states are now displayed.
  3. Loyalty and Terror bars first appearances are now animated in tutorial.
  4. Removed character upkeep warning describing logistics issues.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed Chemical Factory restriction issue (should not overflow now).
  2. Sandbox mode now starts with no terror points.
  3. Fixed control loss resetting on deconstruction issue.
  4. Updated some texts in the Manual.
  5. Fixed the bug which caused rogue lieutenants to destroy the whole city.
  6. Fixed some minor text issues.


  1. Added contrails for planes.
  2. Added ship wakes.