Update v1.13.0

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Sunset Harbor Expansion

  1. Fishing Industry: Different fish types, Fishing Harbors and Farms, Fishing boats, Fishing Routes, Fish Factory, Fish Market.
  2. Intercity Bus Service.
  3. Trolleybus Public Transport Service.
  4. Passenger Helicopter Public Transport Service.
  5. 5 New Transport Hubs: Metro-Intercity Bus Hub, Bus-Intercity Bus Hub, Train-Metro Hub, Metropolitan Airport, Bus-Metro Hub.
  6. Waste Transfer System: Waste Transfer Facility, Waste Processing Complex.
  7. Inland Water Treatment: Inland Water Treatment Plant, Advanced Inland Water Treatment Plant, Eco Inland Water Treatment Plant, Advanced Eco Inland Water Treatment Plant.
  8. Larger Water Tower.
  9. 5 New maps: Azure Gulf, Crater Falls, Desert Oasis, Fisher Enclave, Swamplands.
  10. New Aviation Club Unique Building.
  11. 6 New City-wide policies.
  12. More Chirps.
  13. 3 New Chirper Hats.
  14. 7 New Steam Achievements.

Coast to Coast Radio Station

  1. Coast to Coast Radio is the perfect destination for music that will make you feel like you’re heading out on a grand adventure! With 16 bold and uplifting songs from DJ Toni G, city builders can clear their minds and focus on creating their dream city with tracks that inspire you to build higher and plan better.

Content Creator Pack: Modern Japan

  1. Content Creator Pack: Modern Japan introduces a unique flair inspired by Japanese architecture with 20 buildings and six props from modder Ryuichi Kaminogi. These are the first Japanese buildings to be added to Cities: Skylines, bringing ornate models ranging from impressive skyscrapers to cozy udon and ramen shops.

Free update for all players and DLCs owners

Base game changes

  1. 2 New Healthcare buildings: Child Health Center, Eldercare.
  2. Overground Metro: Vehicle Model, Metro Tracks, New Stations.
  3. Miscellaneous improvements: Tutorial Message Log, Pause on Load gameplay option, Camera position saved on save game gameplay option, More flexible building placement.
  4. Update budget panel City Service tooltips to match owned expansions.
  5. Updated Public Transport Line and Pathways tooltip images with transport type icon.
  6. Updated Metro Tracks placement.
  7. Added pedestrian pathway snapping to quay network m_class.
  8. Line customization tool expanded to all types of transportation.
  9. Fixed: Players do not get Chirps randomly from enabled policies.
  10. Fixed: Weekly Tourist Visits text prompts incorrect tooltip in Tourism Info View.
  11. Fixed: Updated custom roads lose their reference in existing saves.
  12. Fixed: Consistent night illumination across sub-buildings.
  13. Fixed: Localized translations are not used consistently throughout the Asset Editor.
  14. Fixed: ES - Sick citizens in Healthcare info view has overlapping issue.
  15. Fixed: Not enough workers and Not enough educated workers do not have critical warning icon.
  16. Fixed: Custom Unique Buildings share "Already Built" icon with their respective buildings.
  17. Fixed: All City Service buildings, parks, unique building and monuments remain functional when placed next to elevated road.
  18. Fixed: Adjusting Roads budget slide increases / decreases Toll Booths upkeep without any other effect.
  19. Fixed: Public Transport Line Details panel Passenger section arrows are not properly aligned.
  20. Fixed: Info view tooltips sometimes hide under the panel when prompted.
  21. Fixed: Description of new scenario is not scroll-able in New Game panel.
  22. Fixed: Various panels in Main Menu are misaligned.
  23. Fixed: Income from Industrial and Office Zones bars overflow in Economy panel.
  24. Fixed: Player is unable to add trailers to vehicles in Asset Editor.

Content Creator Pack: University City

  1. Fixed: Content Creator Pack 4 assets are missing DLC logo in the Asset Editor.

Snowfall expansion

  1. Fixed: Loading to a Winter theme save directly from European theme can get player stuck with an error.

Mass Transit expansion

  1. Added Public Transport Hubs construction sub-tab under Transport category for After Dark, Mass Transit and Sunset Harbor expansions owners.
  2. Fixed: Ferries operating on set day/night time do not return to depots when the day/night cycle changes and ferries shift end.

Industries expansion

  1. Fixed: Park and Industry Areas are highlighted in Education info view > University tab for players who do not have Campus DLC enabled.
  2. Fixed: Naphtha Cracker Plant has typo in asset name.
  3. Fixed: Trucks from Industry Area buildings are marked as City Service vehicles in Traffic Info View.
  4. Fixed: Rebuild button of Warehouses and Raw Material Storage does not fit the building info panel in DE, RU.
  5. Fixed: Unable to trigger Tutorial tag for Warehouses.
  6. Fixed: Offshore Assets achievement description can be misleading.

Green Cities expansion

  1. Fixed: Landfill Site is unable to empty to Recycling Center.
  2. Fixed: Ultimate Recycling Plant has pollution icon visible.

Campus expansion

  1. Fixed: Liberal Arts (Propless) path has graphic issues in Asset Editor.
  2. Fixed: Varsity Sport arenas and Match Day stadiums do not lose all of their visitor capacity when collapsed.
  3. Fixed: Campus Paths are not located under paths construction menu in Roads Asset Editor.
  4. Fixed: Scenario trigger "Build x Education buildings" does not get triggered from Campus Buildings.
  5. Fixed: Public Library and Unused Campus Area tutorial tags can appear several times in a single save.

Console changes

  1. Added mouse and keyboard support.
  2. Added bulldozer brush mode.
  3. Added Simplified Chinese language support.
  4. Workplaces and destinations in Inspector windows can now be targeted.
  5. When placing service buildings, the highlight on existing buildings of the same type flashes.
  6. Added DLC icon to Advisor and Inspector windows.
  7. Improved draw distance of small placeable props.
  8. Fixed graphics artifacts on footpaths of four-lane roads.
  9. Tweaked vehicle handling in Explorer Mode.
  10. Bug fixes.
  11. Performance and memory improvements.