Update v1.13.1-f1

  1. Fixed an issue with service coverage not extending through highways.
  2. Fixed illumination issues with Weather Radar (Natural Disasters) and H3 3x3 Shop17 (Extra Commercials).
  3. Fixed an issue where the road editor was not showing pillars for elevated metro tracks.
  4. Fixed KO strings for Descriptions Hospital, Water Tower, Medical Clinic, Medical Center and Eden Project.
  5. Fixed an issue in elevated metro station pathfinding (elevated metro stations in existing saves have to be rebuilt for this to work).
  6. Fixed an issue when elderly and children were not picked up by ambulances if eldercare or child care building exists.
  7. Fixed an issue where any extractor showed always the same amount of resource in storage across all industries.
  8. Fixed an issue with the resume button hanging the game when all saves are disabled in Content Manager.
  9. Changed H3 3x3 Shop17 from "straight" to "corner right" as it is a corner building.