Update v1.0e12

Clans 2.0

New Raid System

  1. We have revamped the entire clan tab with a new UI and a whole new raid system.
  2. The new raid system rewards two currencies: Rubies and Immortal Souls.

New Feature: Raid Progression

  1. Immortal Souls can be used to increase your level and thus, increase your damage per click against Immortals.
  2. While you’ll start off gaining only small amounts of rubies, the stronger you grow, the more rubies you’ll earn by defeating higher level Immortals.

New Feature: Raid Classes

  1. Raids now have you choose one of the three classes to do battle against Immortals: Rogue, Mage, or Priest.
  2. Immortals are weak to a different one of the classes everyday so work with your raid to have all the types covered.

New Feature: Bonus Fights

  1. After completing an Immortal for the day, your clan has the option to buy an additional fight for rubies based on the level of the Immortal.
  2. The bonus fight allows you to gain even more Rubies and Immortal Souls per day.
  3. Only one member has to pay for the whole clan so work with your clan to spread the wealth.

New Feature: Immortal Locking

  1. Immortals in the new system are much tougher than before and some will require farming in order to beat.
  2. Clan Masters will be able to stop the automatic progression of Immortal fights so that they can stay on an Immortal they can beat and therefore continue to get rewards.

New Feature: Check-In

  1. Not every Immortal will take your entire roster of ten to beat so as long as you show up for the day, even if the Immortal is dead, you can check-in for the rewards.
  2. Apart from those features, here are some other key differences compared to the old system:
  3. Only 3 Autoclickers are allowed in the fight at a time.
  4. The fight timer is 16 seconds.
  5. Only the best of your scores counts against the Immortal but you can pay 10 rubies to try to improve your score.

Legacy Raid System

  1. The old raid system has been renamed to "Legacy Raids".
  2. In the new UI, it has been placed in the third tab from the top.


  1. We have revamped the entire clan tab with a new UI that should.
  2. There is now an option to respec your clan class in the options menu.


  1. Fixes a bug that prevented HZE from going over 1,000,000 in the clan roster.
  2. Fixes a bug that allowed Autoclickers to deal damage after the timer ended on Immortals.
  3. Various bugfixes.

Update #2

  1. Adds a tooltip and confirmation indicating what buttons in the management panel do.
  2. Adds scroll functionality to the management panel and chat panel.
  3. Fixes an issue that prevented certain languages from appearing in chat.
  4. Fixes an issue that caused the Find Random Clan feature to fail.
  5. Fixes an issue where clan names were getting cut off on the header. Now go kill those Immortals!

Update #3

Mobile Specific Changes

  1. Fixes an issue that prevented the ad systems in game from working.
  2. (iOS only) In compliance with Apple’s requirements for a new version of the game, the code redemption and save import features had to be removed from the game. This was unfortunately out of our control.

PC Specific Changes

  1. Leaving or disbanding a clan will no longer wipe a player’s class and class level. They will continue to lose pending rewards and any unspent Immortal Souls.
  2. Fixes an issue where completing a raid encounter would prevent Primals from appearing during that Ascension.
  3. Fixes an issue where the immortal Sentricon would not appear.
  4. Fixes an issue where the immortal Elder Dragon would not appear.