Update July 30, 2020

  1. Added: the pastry syringe now has a transparent part that allows to see the color of the filling inside.
  2. Added: a new option to reset the color of the filling inside the pastry syringe (default key binding: E).
  3. Added: localized texts for the custom icing/frosting saving window.
  4. Added: localized texts for the Color Picker window.
  5. Added: smoothed movement through elements in some scrollable UIs when using controllers.
  6. Fixed: Winter Holiday using the wrong model for the Food Processor.
  7. Fixed: Throwing force bar will now display properly for all game modes.
  8. Fixed: initial products not spawning on shelves when starting a new game (career mode without tutorial).
  9. Fixed: Increased object separation on baking checkout tray.
  10. Fixed: beer barrels being invisible when bought from the box.
  11. Fixed: missing apple product spawner in the pantry.
  12. Fixed: removed car horns sound from Cakes & Cookies sandbox mode.
  13. Fixed: custom frosting/icing in Frosting Container turns white after game load.
  14. FIxed: wrong hint text displayed when using scoop on cakes.
  15. Fixed: Increased throwing force for certain cake pans. [WP].
  16. Fixed: attaching multiple rings on Dough Dispenser is no no longer possible.
  17. Fixed: wrong text displaying when skipping the selling animation.
  18. Fixed: blocked decorative actions on pastries placed on the selling trays.
  19. Fixed: wrong hint displayed for the Custom Food Dye.
  20. Fixed: wrong positioning for the Scoop in the topping/dusting context.
  21. Fixed: incorrect UI display of the active decorating phase. Competed and current phases will now be displayed and marked properly.