Update April 9, 2021

  1. Fixed potential softlock in baker bear quest.
  2. Increase likelihood of obtaining gold in certain situations.
  3. Further reduced the possibility of getting 1 fruit/berry/flower from a 3-leaf plant (down to just 1% now.).
  4. You now only receive essence recipes from donations.
  5. Improved some quest hints.
  6. Fixed potential softlock in Wolf bear quest.
  7. Blob fish can drop wood instead of just sticks.
  8. Fix for Ranger not accepting any adult deer like the hint says.
  9. Fixed potential softlock in Baker bear quest.
  10. Reduced intensity of gamepad rumble.
  11. Reduced tier-up costs for silver and gold ingots, to make them more obtainable.
  12. Reduced request for rare shells from Veggie Bear Q#2 from 5 to 3.
  13. Fixed hitch when receiving a hidden object quest.
  14. Improved decoration placement experience with controllers.
  15. Fixed duplicate recipes when quickly collecting many rewards.
  16. Fix for game locking when fishing a wood branch out of the water.