Update April 19, 2021

  1. Major polish pass on inventory UI; lots of community-requested improvements there!
  2. UI improvement: snap decoration placement cursor to next point in pattern.
  3. Unlock lower-tier repair tool badges even after upgrading tools, so people can’t get stuck never earning that badge.
  4. Improve reward from one of Jeremy’s recurring quests which had potentially lackluster rewards.
  5. Reduced requirements for several quests that seemed overly difficult or time-consuming to complete. (Especially true for Lee Berry).
  6. Imps only drop imp essence, not other types.
  7. Mr Kit can now sell more essence.
  8. Fixed issue preventing rare shells from spawning correctly in the springtime.
  9. QoL: Increase stack limit to 50 on branches, greens, processed fruit, processed root, processed mushrooms.
  10. Fix: some final bear quests weren’t awarding loot properly.
  11. Display error message when time travelling backwards, to help prevent players from harming their save files.
  12. Repair polish: Play animations when repairing item.
  13. QoL: Increase amount of early storage available to players.
  14. Make sure all parts of arrow buttons are clickable on options menu.
  15. Prevent opening badge menu when busy with an uninterruptable action, like fishing.
  16. Only common and uncommon decoration recipes and non-pro and non-master food recipes will now drop in first 2 days of play.
  17. Fix some harvestable objects (like trees) not showing their correct harvestable state.
  18. Compress days 1-4 of the new user experience into days 1-2, for faster ramp into bigger island.
  19. Fix inconsistent treatment of flowers/trees with placement ui.
  20. Returned the old item notification style behaviour to items you get from fishing.
  21. Reduced tier-up costs for essences.
  22. Reliability improvements for automatic iCloud saves.
  23. Warning popup when playing with in the past.
  24. Fixed some different flower types appearing to have the same color.
  25. New art for burned root veggies and burned mushrooms, to differentiate from burned fruit.
  26. Other minor bugfixes and improvements.