Update April 27, 2021

  1. Be able to craft a specific amount of an item, not just 1 or MAX.
  2. Add option to purchase clothing closet expansions.
  3. Add tutorial hint for harvesting rocks to help new users avoid confusion.
  4. Various balance adjustments to Lee Berry quests.
  5. Nerfed master shovel quest item requirements.
  6. Decrease crafting costs for certain epic, legendary and unique recipes.
  7. Higher level animals will not always require high level foods.
  8. Reduce hardwood repair costs on pickaxe from 15 to 10.
  9. Holding shift will cause avatar to run even when navigating with mouse.
  10. Up to 8 pets can become newly hungry each day, depending on how many total pets you possess.
  11. Fix for doober items coming back to you if you place them via the inventory button.
  12. Esc key won’t open the options menu when inventory is open; just closes the inventory instead.
  13. Increase sale and buy price of all shells by 5x. Mr. Kit is feeling generous!
  14. Gem fusion rebalance, making it easier to craft higher tier gems. Existing players who have already crafted gems at the lower rates will find a gift in their inbox when they install this update.
  15. Slight nerf to the sell price of various common crafted decorations.
  16. Quests that don’t advance the story have a small additional chance of rewarding crafting recipes.
  17. Prevent heartbroken imps from walking away after completion; prevent both imps giving rewards.
  18. Make heartbroken imps decay after one day.
  19. Make heartbroken imps not hide to prevent players from thinking they’re gone.
  20. Ignore inputs on heartbroken imps without rewards so they can’t block inputs from ones with loot.
  21. Remove cry anim from non-heartbroken imps to reduce confusion.
  22. Reduce potential distance from landmarks for items described as "near a ...".
  23. Chaseable imp coin reward bumped from 10->100.
  24. Adjustments to several quests that were blocking players or had various bugs.
  25. Spirit wells despawn after a day, instead of two days.
  26. Seagull Quest8 won’t activate until after Arjun Q1 is finished, to prevent frustration.
  27. Increase food recipe drops from leaf piles by a moderate amount.
  28. Prevent single fences from spawning at the mayor’s store.
  29. Mayor outfit (3 clothing pieces) cost reduced significantly.
  30. Visibly signal when dowsing rod is useable (good reason to keep it in your quick inventory!).
  31. Adjust gamepad throw dots to form a line parallel to the world vector; should feel more accurate!
  32. Adjust random decoration recipe drops so that higher, more expensive rarities drop less frequently.
  33. Updated relic donations to the Collection; the donations now give ash along with gems.
  34. Unlock rare fish earlier in the campaign so people don’t get blocked.
  35. Attention (!) icons in shops will now only appear when you don’t possess enough of the required item for a given quest.
  36. Fix glitching in fireflies.
  37. Reduced a handful of item crafting requirements.
  38. Update salad art.
  39. Fix for storage<->inventory infopanel not working at the end of a drag & drop.
  40. Several other under-the-hood changes to fix various bugs, improve balance and help performance.