Update May 5, 2021

  1. Remove old deleted inbox messages that increase save file size unnecessarily.
  2. Prevent fish from spawning too far away (by the dark sunken island areas).
  3. Added normals for prettier lighting.
  4. Some quests from Lee Berry can no longer be fulfilled with fence posts.
  5. QoL: merge multiple shipments from Allison into a single letter.
  6. Rarer fish categories are a tad easier to catch.
  7. Smaller fish nibble fewer times.
  8. Improved sorting of stacked & split items.
  9. Added dedicated volume slider for UI sounds.
  10. Added text note that trees and berry bushes produce wood, to help new users.
  11. Added loading tip encouraging people to plant more trees and bushes.
  12. Unlock both heartbroken imps and the Scoutmaster letter referring to them on day 20.
  13. Fixed Charlotte’s sunflower quest so you cannot donate the found flower.
  14. Descriptions of high tier rocks and shrubs now include a helpful message if you are missing the right tool.
  15. New dirt pile art.
  16. You can now properly donate mid-level gems and in doing so unlock recipes for highest tier gems.
  17. Automatically keep backups of save files in case saves gets corrupted by power outage, crash, etc.
  18. Fix bug where pro dowsing rod quest can show up too early.
  19. Higher-rarity lamps now have proportionally larger light radius to compensate for their higher cost.
  20. Add the ability to specify which items a quest consumes when the quest can consume multiple different items from your inventory.
  21. Various bugfixes for the new quest turn-in UI functionality (letting you choose what you want to give to the bear).
  22. When appropriate, show the ’select next’ action when interacting with a controller.
  23. Reduce price of backpack expansions.
  24. When you have no new story quests, other quests have a chance to give you a Spirit Log.
  25. Made it harder to accidentally trigger a drag action when tapping on touch screens.
  26. Fix for Wary Bear quest that some players were softlocked on.
  27. Imps will no longer steal bushes.
  28. Fix for the ’collect all’ button not working in the mailbox.
  29. Reduce the quantity of onions required by onion salads.
  30. Fixed some visual bugs with imps.
  31. Added variety to camp tiles.
  32. Fixes for some non-English text display issues, including Arabic.
  33. Tutorial triggered by player scaring fish will trigger less oftenPrevent clothing storage upgrade from appearing in store if closet size has already been maxed out (the max closet size will be increased in a future update).