Update May 25, 2021

  1. New Scoutmaster letters (added on to the end of the launch batch).
  2. A "close" UI (x) button has been added to many UIs in order to eliminate the accidental UI closing issues that many of you have reported. These UIs can no longer be closed by clicking outside of them; instead, please tap the new close (x) button, or use the Esc key.
  3. Added new buttons for +/-10% value changes in the "craft amount" selection UI.
  4. Scoutmaster letters can now give decor other than Rustic, after the first few.
  5. 4 new special Scoutmaster letters that you receive after <no-spoilers!>.
  6. Kit stops selling logs when Flamey is max level.
  7. Stop showing Flamey in the quest log once they are max level.
  8. Fixed sell price issues with a few odd shells.
  9. Replaced ability to close UIs by tapping outside of them with close buttons you can tap. This should eliminate a variety of issues with UIs closing accidentally and frustrating people.
  10. Updated seagull Q12 to allow any rare or legendary fish.
  11. Updated unique {item] badge values to fix unattainable badges.
  12. "Select next" button now smartly prioritizes the items it selects for you. (i.e. harvestable pets first).
  13. Fix lamps not always staying lit between loads.
  14. Hungry imps drop essence more often, coins less often.
  15. Remove colliders from small flora to make it easier to move around the island.
  16. Removed colliders from some assets in Seagull & Veggie’s domains (^ same reason).
  17. Add ’perpetual daylight’ option to options menu, for people who only have opportunity to play at night and would like to experience the game "in the day" (or who have vision issues and find daytime easier to play.).
  18. Fix hanging on tool breaking bubble.
  19. New UI logic to more smartly display how many of an item you own.
  20. New UI logic to more smartly display whether a plant produces something new to your collection.
  21. Fixed a couple issues blocking quest progression for people who are time traveling.
  22. Increased coin rewards from hungry imps and dirt mounds.
  23. Fixed large sand dunes overlapping things they shouldn’t.
  24. Added spirit wood drops to a small handful of end game chats that were missing them.
  25. Fixed water tile texture size issue resulting in visible gridlines.
  26. The territories of bears that have ascended will now remain permanently colored.
  27. Improved world generation performance.
  28. Fixed cobblestone floor sprites overlapping water.
  29. Change the tag ’unique’ to ’mythical’ since they aren’t strictly unique, just incredibly rare.
  30. Fix some prices not being listed in Pandam’s store in Russian.
  31. Animals stop moving when you start to interact with them.
  32. Increased the amount of clothing storage for sale.
  33. Save Slot selection UI now shows campaign day.
  34. Fix issue where using spacebar to harvest while having your mouse over a different harvestable would cause the info panel to pop up.
  35. More reliable heartbroken imps and happiness calculations.
  36. Adjusted the ownership stat info (new in previous beta build) to ignore minor plant variations.
  37. Added new "sort" button to inventory UI.
  38. Decreased a bit of the waiting time in between mid and late game story quests.
  39. Fixed a bug where ascended bear would lose coloration on day change.
  40. When Flamey is max level but you still have spirit logs to feed them, they reward you with loot.
  41. Surfer’s random shell quest asks for any shell, not just commons.
  42. Replaced the 40 coins from dirt mounds with 3 quartz.
  43. Special new rarely-recurring text for 3 bears (occurs after they ascend).
  44. Prevent trees from spawning near the the bottom left and bottom right sides of the main campsite.
  45. Fix issue with exotic plants not giving loot when harvested.
  46. New "last throw" indicator that shows how you previously threw your fishing lure.
  47. Other minor improvements and bugfixes.