Update July 1, 2021

  1. Allow feeding animals directly from tent storage.
  2. Increased the stack size of certain quest items & raw foods.
  3. Reduce the mushrooms required for mushroom salads.
  4. Fixed Alison quest that had the wrong speaker name.
  5. Fixed critter name being broken in Portuguese.
  6. Adjustments to stone skipping targets so they can be further from the shore.
  7. Fixed new rare hats that should be unique (but erroneously had color variations).
  8. Fix some issues where quest items were still highlighted in various UIs after they were no longer relevant.
  9. Highlight closet items that are useful for fashion quests.
  10. Fix bugs with animal happiness.
  11. New rock-skipping loading screen tip.
  12. Fixed some issues where the island was smaller than it should be.
  13. Fixed continuity issues with Baker Q15.
  14. Sort the closet/wardrobe automatically.
  15. Sorting for the crafting menus.
  16. Fix bug with stone skipping clams after reloading.
  17. Fixed some UI issues with selecting disabled items and keep selection when sorting.
  18. Skipping stones can be crafted into higher tiers.
  19. Fix so you can drag & drop into the world where the inventory used to be open after closing it.
  20. Fix for bug where previous throw indicator on controller was not on top of the avatar.
  21. Don’t allow selection of objects that aren’t rendering (like invisible spirit wells) with controller.
  22. New hug speech response for Ted.
  23. Add small tether radius to travelling NPCs so they don’t block HO items.
  24. Background music should only play each track once, without any repeats.
  25. New animal hunger algorithm.
  26. Potential fix for cursor flickering on some platforms.
  27. Custom cursor as an option.
  28. Showing an eye-catching animation when a HO hint indicator shows.
  29. Fixed an iCloud threading issue.
  30. Allow crafted deliveries when backpack is full.
  31. Increased stack size for ingots, essences and branches.
  32. Localization for new text.
  33. Tutorial hints for drag-n-drop and item placement.
  34. Amber is recyclable.
  35. Fashion quests won’t ask for specific haircuts or wigs.