Update September 18, 2020

Critical Bugfixes/Improvements

  1. Restoring your save file from a backup no longer alters the items you can get from treasure chests.


  1. Fixed a bug that allowed you to retrieve the same rotating saw multiple times.
  2. Fixed a bug that resulted in higher yields when harvesting crops with Wind Edge.
  3. Fixed a bug that caused in some cases for NPC corpses to turn generators on and off repeatedly.
  4. Fixed a bug that caused mob states in generators to not synchronize properly between the host and the guests in multiplayer.
  5. Fixed a bug that prevented NPC corpses from despawning when turning night in multiplayer.
  6. Fixed a bug that displayed the max quantity that can be placed, and the quantity already placed in the market incorrectly.


  1. Modified the collision of the generator. This change will make them easier to retrieve.
  2. Retrieved world heritage buildings will now keep their construction progress.
  3. Wind Edge: Skill can now target NPCs.
  4. Arch Heal: Can now heal "charmed" NPCs.
  5. Time required to produce bioethanol is reduced from 60 seconds to 40 seconds.
  6. Fixed hat sizes, and where they rest on your head.
  7. Modified some of the looks in the graphics setting screen.
  8. Fixed dungeon and boss themes to loop properly.
  9. Added a setting for autosave intervals.
  10. Performance improvement to some of the dungeons.

Newly Added

  1. New items: "Wooden Arch" "Wooden Corner Slope" has been added. Improvements to wooden buildings!