Update September 23, 2020

Critical bugfixes and improvements

  1. The Thieve NPC has been significantly updated. It will have a hostile act against the players. The higher the Lv of the thieves, the better enchanted items will drop from them.


  1. Fixed an issue where the World Heritage continues being build when checking the World Heritage UI during placing the World Heritage.
  2. Fixed an issue where the text written above the World Heritage doesn’t get updated after the construction of the World Heritage.
  3. Fixed an issue where the attack collision detection gets left when using "Triple Slash".
  4. Fixed a bug where attacking dead bodies still causing damages.
  5. Fixed a bug where the cost of the seed making machine and the selectively breed seeds doesn’t show up properly.
  6. Fixed a bug where the cost not showing properly when selling multiple items at the market.


  1. The enemy’s Life point and ATK according to the Island Lv has been mitigated.
  2. The damage calculation has been fixed. It has changed in a way where the damage against the enemies increased, and the damage from the enemy also increased slightly.
  3. The damage reduction when shielding is successful has been buffed.
  4. The jumping upward motion when using "Captured Lizard Axe" and "Captured Lizard Sword" has been fixed.

Newly Added

  1. We’ve added chairs! A nice furniture that will prevent you from starving by just sitting!
  2. We’ve added a new Sci-Fi series! "Sci-Fi Wall", "Sci-Fi Floor", "Sci-Fi Slope", "Sci-Fi Roof", "Flat Sci-Fi Roof"!! Building a space station is no longer a dream!
  3. We’ve added a new Straw‐Thatched series! "Straw‐Thatched Roof", "Flat Straw‐Thatched Roof", "Straw‐Thatched Corner Roof A", "Straw‐Thatched Corner Roof B", "Straw‐Thatched Gable Roof A", "Straw‐Thatched Gable Roof B", "Straw‐Thatched Gable Roof C"!!