Update September 24, 2020


  1. Robber Kevin gets stuck in the ground less frequently.
  2. Fixed a bug that allowed Kevin to attack players even while charmed.
  3. Fixed a bug that prevented bow attacks from consuming the Weapon Polishing buff.
  4. Fixed a bug that displayed the wrong amount of possessed gold in the Altar of Civilization screen.
  5. Fixed a bug that allowed you to reveal parts of the map while in a dungeon.
  6. Players clip through walls less frequently when getting off of chairs.
  7. Fixed a bug that prevented players from placing walls on top of Flat Scale Rooves.
  8. Fixed a bug that incorrectly deleted the item even when cancelling the "hold to delete" action on a gamepad.
  9. Fixed a bug that allowed the livestock farm to continue working when the mob inside is no longer alive.


  1. Notifications displayed when Kevin steals/eats your items now display the icon of the items as well.
  2. Modified some items’ previews on the crafting screen.
  3. Players can now use items while sprinting.
  4. Changed the skill description for Unstoppable. (every time you attack -> every time you melee attack).
  5. Wood will now keep their enchantments when made into charcoal with a campfire.
  6. Adjusted camera movement when firing your bow to correctly align to the center of your screen, even when not aiming.
  7. Modified livestock farm’s hitbox so it is easier to dunk hostile enemies.
  8. Improved the health synchronization of the mobs inside livestock farms and generators in multiplayer.

Newly added

  1. Added "Talisman Flag". This flag will prevent hostiles from spawning within a certain range. Monos can no longer invite themselves into your homes.
  2. Added "Wooden Door". Fits snugly into door frames. Improved security and wind is no longer an issue.
  3. Added "Bright Wooden Square Table" from the Bright Wooden furniture series. A fitting duo for the chair.
  4. Added "Dark Wooden Square Table" from the Dark Wooden furniture series. When darkness suits you more.

New enemies

  1. "Goblin Hunter" has been newly added. They will snipe you from distance, so prioritize defeating them!