Update October 9, 2020

Critical bugfixes and improvements

  1. The Stutus up caused by the Lithograph of Growth can now be reset.
  2. Vehicles can now be collected by holding the "E"key.
  3. We’ve made the cows "change" according to their level. We will continue to add "changes" by level for each enemies.
  4. Fixed an issue where the rarity lottery calculation for enchantments in treasure chests and merchants was not properly calculated, resulting in incorrect selection of enchantments from common to legendaries.
  5. Fixed an issue where treasure chest and product enchantments were not being applied to material items and expendable items.In the future, we will add enchantments to the treasure chests and merchants’s ingots aswell!
  6. Fixed an issue where the enchantment lottery for items released from the gacha was dependent on the island level. Now, it is dependent on the level of the era.
  7. Fixed an issue where the player becomes uncontrollable after using a certain skill.


  1. Fixed an issue where the world level required to create an item on the item detail screen was referring to the island level instead of the world level.
  2. Fixed an issue where the words overlap each other when the text of the enchant is too long.
  3. Fixed an issue where the UI that shows up when hovering your mouse over the item appearing behind the chest UI.
  4. Fixed an issue where the items get thrown away when sorting the inventory.
  5. Fixed an issue where the menu can be closed with the item delete pop-up still appearing.
  6. Fixed an issue where the item cooldown appears even when in crafting screen.
  7. Fixed an issue where the Test icon being shown on the Big Cooking Pot even though it is supposed to show a craft pin.
  8. Fixed an issue where the phrase, "This weapon is no use!" will be precedent over the phrase, "Looks like 〇’s going to break" when using a almost-broken pickaxe.
  9. Fixed an issue where the lithograph not being given out even after clearing the dungeon. We’ve implemented a backup measure for it.
  10. We have changed the spawning place from the boss’s room to the entrance of the dungeon when defeated in a battle in the boss’s room.
  11. Fixed an issue where enemy’s HP bar not showing up.
  12. Fixed an issue where Kevin steels items from a dead players.
  13. Fixed an issue where Kevin’s attack rate dramatically dropping at times.
  14. Fixed an issue where goblin birds appear out of the monster prism that has goblin shaman in it.
  15. Fixed the climbing box of the high ground of the goblin hunters and made it a bit more higher.
  16. Fixed an issue where the goblin hunter attacks the player even when in charm status.
  17. Fixed an issue where some enemies not moving after being in charm status.
  18. Enemy’s HP will not go down when there’s only 1 enemy on the breeding facility from now and on.
  19. Fixed an issue where enemy falls through the ground when dead.
  20. Fixed an issue where enemy gets into a syncope status when hitting it with Frost Mine.
  21. Fixed an issue where effects remains when resetting a maximum level skill.
  22. Fixed an issue where the cooldown for the weopon’s skill not happening at all.
  23. Fixed a bug where enemy’s damage being reduced significantly when player’s normal attacks hits rocks or trees before hitting an enemy.
  24. Fixed an issue where "Bucket" and "Monster Prism" dealing damage to buildings.
  25. Fixed an issue where chats get not sent properly.
  26. Fixed an issue that caused buildings to be destroyed when it collides with the cannon’s entrance.
  27. Fixed an issue that caused glitchs when vehicles enter the cannon.
  28. The chest-type building falling through the ground when falling from a high place has now been mitigated.
  29. Fixed an issue where "Guest Table" doesn’t take any damage.
  30. Fixed an issue where the initially placed Altar of Transportation become itemized in certain islands.
  31. Fixed an issue where fish models get unintentionally displayed in the "Fillet Machine".
  32. Fixed an issue where the status of "Piece of a Tower of the World Heritage" was not loading properly from save data.
  33. Fixed an issue where the status of "Piece of a Tower of the World Heritage" was not implemented correctly in multiplayer.
  34. Fixed a texture bug of "Steel One-Handed Sword" and "Steel Bow".
  35. Fixed an issue where a player other than the host could not collect "Rotating Saws" in multiplayer.
  36. Multi: Fixed an issue where attaching an absorber to a chest and sucking an item did not cause the item to disappear on the client side.
  37. Fixed an issue where the number of catches required for the mission "Catch a Bear" was incorrect.
  38. Fixed an issue where the mission "Use over 255 Mana within 10 seconds" was impossible to achive.

In Game Improvements

  1. Reduced the load process on dungeons.
  2. Alleviated a problem where a large number of dropped items that is transported by a conveyor belt being jammed when the containers were full. Causing a huge load process.
  3. Reduced the memory requirements for the game by a small amount. Changed drop item effects from pre-generated to dynamic.

Functional Improvement

  1. Functions to switch the hot-keys has now been added.
  2. The hot-key for Mouse Wheel ON/OFF function has now been added. The keybind for this hot-key has also been added.
  3. The X axis input can now be reversed on mouse and controller.
  4. Controls for buildings, weapons, and armor actions are now partially displayed.
  5. A screen that shows a list of items equipped has now been added.
  6. E key interaction with buildings and other objects has been changed from the player’s coordinate to the camera’s direction.
  7. Lighting furniture can now be turned on and off using the E key as you approach.
  8. Added 2 new flag designs to the "Talisman Flag". The flag can now be switched by pressing the E key.
  9. Improved opening and closing of the "Wooden Door" and the lighting of the "Small Bonfire" will now be saved in the save data.
  10. Made it so that a monster prism will always be successful at capturing an enemy that has already been charmed.
  11. Changed NPCs to be auto-targeted. (auto-targeted for "Stalking Strike" and "Blooming Strike").
  12. Fixed an issue where the home screen UI was difficult to see when the background was night time.
  13. You can now see the effects of your recovery on the inventory screen.
  14. Added sound effects to "Motocycle", "Buggy", "Helicopter", "Hoverboard", and "Wooden Hoverboard".
  15. Added 3D models of various ingots.
  16. Corrected the look of the explosion tars icon and drop items.
  17. Resolutions are now limited to the resolution of the size of the display.


  1. Upward revision "Wind Edge": It has been changed so that it will follow the enemy.
  2. Upward revision "Blooming Strike": The cool-time for it has decreased, damage has been revised up, the Mana consumption has been decreased.
  3. Upward revision "Iai Slash": The Mana consumption has been decreased.
  4. Upward revision "Weapon Polishing": The 5th buffing effect has now been increased, the Mana consumption has been decreased.
  5. Upward revision "Lightning Speed": The cool-time for it has been decreased.
  6. Upward revision "Summon Meteor": Meteor blasts now deels damage to enemies. It has been improved so that it will not fall due to the gravity when activated.
  7. Upward revision "Water Creation": Cool-time has been reduced 75%, Mana consumption has been decreased, the hunger bar consumption has been deleted.
  8. Upward revision "Fire Creation": Cool-time has been reduced 75%, Mana consumption has been decreased, the hunger bar consumption has been deleted.
  9. Adjusted the Lvl of enemies born in breeding facility to be based on the Lvl of their parents. But, in some rare occasions...
  10. Increased the level compensation for bosses in islands that is Lv2 or higher. This will cause higher Lv bosses to appear.

New Contents

  1. "Freezing" enchantments now have a probability of being attached to tree and bush drops in snowy mountains.
  2. Added "Balloon", "Booster", and "Targeters" !! Us developers don’t even know how it could be potentially used...
  3. Scary "Werewolves" will appear at night in some areas. Watch your back when walking down the street at night.
  4. A lizard man "Executioner" now appears in dungeons.
  5. Added "Bright Wooden Bed" and "Dark Wooden Bed". When you sleep in a "Bed", the spawn point will be changed to the bed.
  6. You cannot change the spawn point in dungeons.
  7. Changed respawn points are not saved. They will be reset when restarted.
  8. Spawn Points will get reset when switching islands.
  9. First light furnature being added! Here’s all the list!! "Small Bonfire", "Big Bonfire", "Small Placeable Torch", "Big Placeable Torch", "Lantern", "Yellow Gas Lamp", "Yellow One-Sided Gas Lamp", and "Yellow Double-Sided Gas Lamp".
  10. Added "Wall-mounted Torch". A new type of light source that is placable on walls! No more darkness!
  11. A new "Wood Plank" series has been added! "Wood Plank Wall", "Wood Plank Floor", and "Wood Plank Slope".
  12. Added "Wooden Box", and "Wooden Barrel"! Use it as a decoration! Stacking it up might be fun too!
  13. Added more types of chair! Brand new chairs finally! "Dark Wooden Chair", "Bright Wooden Round Stool", "Dark Wooden Round Stool", "Bright Wooden Square Stool", and "Dark Wooden Square Stool".
  14. Added a bench capable of 3 players sitting!!! "Bright Wooden Bench" and "Dark Wooden Bench".