Last Update

New Features

  1. We have rebalanced social groups and their preferences, as follows:
  2. Townsfolk - they hate foreign country decor, but love their own country decor, for all rooms.
  3. Nobles - they don’t trust low prices, but they don’t mind high prices.
  4. Travelers - they want to rent Guest Rooms more often. They will be very disappointed if the tavern does not have a Guest Room.
  5. Outlaws - they don’t care if the tavern is clean or not, they just want low prices and drinks. This social group is the most likely to steal, smoke pipes and cause fights.
  6. Distressed - they don’t feel good in fancy rooms.
  7. Following these guidelines should help with quests that require a certain amount of influence for a faction.
  8. You can now permit or disable access to rooms for each worker separately on the Room Info screen. This only works for tasks: don’t be surprised if your servant enters a room to chat or get some Gossips!


  1. Outline option will no longer reset after loading a save.
  2. Cost reduction upgrades will now correctly display the current price.
  3. Interaction with destroyed objects will no longer be disabled after loading a game. They can now be repaired or sold without issues.


  1. Made adjustments to Shifts; workers will now follow them correctly.
  2. Workers now require less space to perform their cleaning duties in a small room; however, note that it is still possible to make the room too small and cramped for cleaning.
  3. Updates to Dogs AI - they will now scare off pests more efficiently.


  1. Greatly reduced the amount of Fame needed before guests start using Guest Rooms.
  2. Fixed an issue that could block Adventurer’s quests if the game is saved and loaded during the Adventurer’s transition to the Map.
  3. Goods will now be placed correctly on Pallete’s current position, instead of its previous location.
  4. "Rug" item will now correctly display its texture.
  5. A perk responsible for reducing Gossip cost of Trade Routes will now work correctly.
  6. A perk responsible for unlocking more land will now work correctly.
  7. Fixed some stability issues thanks to crashing saved games provided by the community.