Update July 21, 2021

  1. Added ’watch’ action for watchmen.
  2. Fixed vindication event after the deadline for the debt has passed. If you have a build with "0 days left" then watch out! You’ll have to pay your debt as soon as you load your save.
  3. Criers will bring more guests to your inn.
  4. Fixed workers not bringing ice to larders.
  5. Fixed more old saves not loading properly or crashing.
  6. Patrons will hang around your inn for longer.
  7. Fixed some issues regarding importing taverns.
  8. Made changes to ensure that wood chopping works properly.
  9. Fixed cleaning dishes and tables.
  10. Fixed action bubbles for scoundrels.
  11. Fixed audio overlapping at the beginning of a sandbox.
  12. Made changes to the guest counter in order to properly count guests sitting outside.
  13. Fixed billboard physics in order to avoid guests blocking on them.