Update March 26, 2020

New Features

  1. Added Russian language. Please make sure to let us know if you encounter any text issues!
  2. Updated tennants. A "tennant" is a guest who is renting one of your Private Rooms.
  3. You can now train their attributes, and decide which of them should be their priority. You also need some specific equipment for training:
  4. For strength, endurance and dexterity - training dummy.
  5. Charisma - conversing with other guests (Vedetas can also improve it by using their special piece of furniture, a table with a mirror).
  6. Intelligence - a Bookshelf, or any other piece of furniture that has books on it.
  7. When an attribute improves, an icon will be displayed on top of your tennant. Note that if the tennant is unhappy and his basic needs are constantly being ignored, his attributes will be lowered!
  8. Added key combination CTRL+F2, which - when used in Main Menu - will launch the Editor. We have also removed an .exe file with the Editor as we found that some players have hardware issues preventing it from working. With this key combination, there should be no more issues.
  9. Having more than 50% influence with a faction, while having all of them unlocked, will cause the NPCs belonging to the former one to appear in your inn as potential tennants.
  10. Added 2 new Vedetas, Ranen from Velendis, Sambria and Kairn from Salebritte, Yorevale.


  1. The game will no longer occasionally prevent progress after hiring a Kitchenhand in the Tutorial.
  2. You can now only select Repair command on objects that actually require repairs.
  3. Deleting Stairs will now refund money.
  4. Made it easier to place down portraits in Act 3; using CTRL should no longer be required.
  5. A profesion of every potential tennant (adventuer, vedeta etc.) is now displayed on their info screen.
  6. Recipes now correctly display which furniture is needed for cooking.
  7. The game now treats Vedeta beds as normal beds, but only for Private rooms.
  8. Tier 2 Servants are no longer bald.
  9. Supply carts on the map now use a different icon than other, random carts.
  10. Minor fixes to gui and icons.


  1. Cleanniness of the room is now affected by the amount of clean and dirty furniture in that room.
  2. Changed how room Quality is calculated - cleanniness, furniture and size matter equally.
  3. Made changes to positive and negative traits of many pieces of Furniture.
  4. Slightly nerfed Trovin’s taxes in Act 3.
  5. Guests infected with parasites can now bring them to your tavern and infect your furniture. Make sure to contain them before they spread! Please note that this requires Pests & Puppies DLC to trigger.
  6. Repair animation now correctly uses a hammer.
  7. Fixed a misleading typo on crafting buttons; it is now clear when you turn it On and Off.
  8. Fixed an issue that prevented Sambrit from dropping its price after one of the quests.
  9. Most Fireplaces can now be used as Grills.