Update April 28, 2020

The Pit DLC

  1. You will build a special underground arena and organize illegal fistfights.
  2. You will earn gold on betting - guests will bet on the results of the underground tournaments.
  3. You’ll get ingredients only available on the black market, including Griffon eggs and daer meat, to serve new exclusive dishes.
  4. You will plant new plants: the forbidden pipe herbs and the "medicinal" plants.
  5. You will build a smaller arena, where liquerat fights will take place.
  6. You will install exercise equipment on which your boxers and other residents will be able to train, including a climbing pole, punching bags, and new combat mannequins.
  7. You will install new lamps on the ceiling, allowing you to run an underground pipe herb plantation.
  8. You will buy an alchemical table to make medicine... or drugs.
  9. You will build a dungeon where you will put problematic guests.
  10. Along with new earning opportunities, there are also new threats: city guard raids and confidants among guests.