Update May 29, 2020

Grill & Barbecue DLC

  1. New objects and mechanics related to grilling under the cloud have been added.
  2. Seven grills with different appearance and statistics - including three referring to the lands of Delcrys.
  3. Free-standing tents have been added, which will make the time of guests sitting outside more pleasant.
  4. A meat mincer has been added. If you have unnecessarily different types of meat in your warehouse, you can turn them into minced meat, additionally, five different minced meat dishes have also been added.
  5. There have been several changes in the interface to make it look better and, above all, be more intuitive.
  6. By clicking on the counter we can start the menu.
  7. Clicking on any piece of furniture can switch to furnishing mode.
  8. By clicking on any room we can switch to building mode.
  9. By clicking on any storage object we can move to the selection of stored goods.
  10. The appearance of the context menu appears after clicking on an object, character or room.
  11. Closing the building or furniture mode window immediately takes you to the basic mode.