Update March 19, 2021

  1. NPCs will no longer block themselves in the Bathroom’s changing rooms.
  2. Baths no longer get filled multiple times and then never get used (part of the blocking issue).
  3. Fixed an issue that caused a worker to not stop his current task after he was moved by The Hand.
  4. It is no longer possible to build anything outside of specified build area.
  5. Removed an empty scenario.
  6. The game will now correctly react to the player not paying back his Bank loan in time.
  7. Removed the not working "Set" button in Options.
  8. Further fixes to Soap and Dishwashers; it should now work regardless of the type of Dishwasher.
  9. Dugout storage building now appears on the Furniture list after it is unlocked.
  10. Removing a room with shift+drag method now removes the whole room, not only the floor.
  11. Fixed the contents of Media tab in the Main Menu.
  12. Fixed a crash that could occur after loading a quick save game.
  13. Fireplaces now use only the intended amount of wood.